Do the Eagles still have a playoff chance?

The Philadelphia Eagles currently sit at 4-3 in the toughest division in the NFL, the NFC East. 

Now most people would laugh at that statement last year but this year the NFC East has all teams over .500.The other division teams are the Dallas Cowboys, Washington Redskins, and the New York Giants.The Cowboys sit at 6-1 with an overtime victory against the Eagles last week(I cried), the Redskins at 4-3-1 with a tie with the Bengals last week, and the Giants at 4-3 with a London victory over the Rams.

Now most people would look at that and say "Wow the Eagles are screwed".But I have faith in them, and I will explain why you should too.

The Eagles have to face the Giants this coming sunday, where they will ultimately beat them considering that the Eagles beat the Giants every single time we play except for when injuries occur.The only real threat to the Eagles playoff chances are the Cowboys who have to play the Browns.Which is a guaranteed win(Sorry Browns fans).The Eagles can't hope for a division title unless Jerry Jones completely destroys the Cowboys momentum by starting Romo.

The NFC playoff leaders are currently the Falcons, Seahawks, Cowboys, Packers, Vikings and that's about it.I have no faith in the Lions to do anything with their record and unless the Cardinals or Panthers spark up the Eagles can easily make it.Winning about 10 games, maybe 9, can get a playoff berth for this team.Lets look at the schedule.

Giants, Falcons, Seahawks, Packers, Bengals, Redskins, Ravens, Giants, and Cowboys.

Some of those games are losses waiting to happen, like the Redskins and the Packers. But if the defense plays like they can the rest of the season I think that the Eagles can easily beat the Falcons, Seahawks, and Bengals.They will beat the Giants and the Cowboys.And the Ravens game is just ehh.

Thats a 9-7 record and when your beating 2 of the times your playoff racing with that can help a lot.If the Eagles beat the teams they can beat the playoffs aren't that crazy to think about.Even with a rookie quarterback and mediocre receivers.