The Five Major Events Every Soccer Enthusiast Must Know

By Tom Clark
Feb. 17, 2020

Do you know over four million people all across the world view football or soccer? Although varied factors are responsible, soccer’s decentralization, meaning that it is played internationally rather in just one region, contributed most to the popularity. The diehard fans admitted knowing about all the soccer tournaments held. But, in case you lag behind, please go through the following write-up, which explores five major soccer events you must see once at least.

1. FIFA World Cup

Arranged by FIFA, a non-profit organization, the World Cup captivates the attention of a major segment of the population. Encouraged by the tremendous success of football in the Olympics, FIFA attempted to host its own tournament. The first competition took place in Uruguay in 1930. Since then, barring the period when the Second World War banned competitions of all kind, the World Cup is played with great pomp and show.

2. Olympics Soccer

Soccer, as a certified competition, became a part of the Olympic Games in 1908, and women’s soccer was introduced in 1982. Till date, soccer is rightly the most recognized, followed, and viewed sports of the Summer Olympics.

Are you thinking of attending this particular event? If yes, make sure to purchase the tickets, which will be immensely expensive, a year before. And reaching the host country will also require much planning.

3. UEFA Champions League

The Union of European Football Associations (UEFA) Champions League is the yearly competition between renowned clubs of Europe. It plays throughout the year. The initial qualifying rounds began in the mid of July, and the whole event ends in the outset of May the next year. The Real Madrid of Spain is believed to be one of the most successful teams. It has won for ten times.

4. UEFA European Championship

Also known as the Euros, the UEFA European Championship is played amongst the top-level men’s teams of UEFA member nations. It takes place between the FIFA World Cup so as to not conflict or overlap. The winners get the chance to participate in the Confederations Cup arranged by FIFA. Even though the idea materialized in 1960, it had taken shape in the minds of the authorities many years ago.

5. Copa America

Copa America is a soccer competition held in the Americas, which is rightly most passionate about the said sport. 2016 marked the centenary celebration of this championship. Another reason for the celebration was that the competition was held somewhere out of South America for the very first time. Purchase the tickets a year before, and book accommodations after coming to know about the organizing nation.

Every soccer enthusiast must know about the events stated above, and try watching them first-hand at some point in life. Copa Del Rey, an annual competition for the Spanish soccer teams, is also worth mentioning. Founded in 1903, held each year during the month of June, in different cities of Spain, it has managed to gain much recognition. The winners of Copa Del Rey qualify for more prestigious tournaments such as UEFA Champions League, UEFA Europa League, etc.

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