Tips for Staying Focused in a Game

By Jonathan
Jan. 24, 2018

Staying focused in any athletic game is essential for good performance. It is not only about physical condition, but being aware of your surroundings, strategy, and possibilities to beat the enemy.

As a football player, I find that the best moments for this are the breaks between running on the field. I find these moments useful not only to let my body rest for a while but to maintain and increase my focus on the game. My routine involves drinking a bit of water, stretch a little, then zone into something. I do not like to have conversations during this time since I feel like they distract me. Sometimes I like just to watch the game, or if I feel nervous, I use sudoku for android. It helps me to stay focused and pulls me out from the stress for a moment. Once I have to get back to the field, my body feels a bit more rested, and I feel prepared to give my best in the game.