M.S.Dhoni – The legend in himself has given a lot to Indian Cricket. A strikes of Series-winning, World Cups, Guidance to the younger players and yes we cannot forget about being a best match finisher, 50 overs Worldcup win with a style by hitting a six as a winning shot, fastest Stumping in Cricket history and countless achievements given by the Cricketer to India and inspired other cricketers through the globe. He is also one of the favorite players to select in Fantasy Cricket. There are a lot of fuzz arises for his career in Cricket from his sports fan which needs to have some clarification and fans are eagerly waiting for his comeback

Will he retired before the next World Cup?

Will he continue with the streak for CSK?

When will he be back to play?

Is he fit to play the ODI’s and T20?

After the recent Worldcup he hasn’t played a single match. But he is active outside the ground by living a life as an Indian Army soldier lives. MS Dhoni has an attachment with the military of India. As we can see the Camouflage print in his wicket keeping gloves too.

His fans believe that MS Dhoni will come back strong after a long break of his career. Being very fit in his age he promptly keep on replying in a cheeky way to media whenever he was questioned for his fitness and retirement. Calm and compose cricketer always wins the heart of his fans and journalists too for whatever he does either he is on the field or off the field.

Dhoni had varities to offer to the game. “He is still fit, still a terrific wicket-keeper and still world’s best finisher in the game. Dhoni will be an asset to India for the coming series and Worldcup

The smashing southpaw Raina said, “Only Dhoni will decide when he leaves the game.”He said “togetherness and team spirit” was Chennai Super Kings’ secret for success. “We have many match-winners but we play as a cohesive unit. And we have Dhoni.” Raina and along with the whole Indian Team with coach Ravi Shashtri are in support for MS Dhoni. There is always a place for Dhoni in the team. And he will decide when he wants to come back and resume his career innings.

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The 38-year-old former India captain has played 350 ODIs, 90 Tests and 98 T20 Internationals so far. Dhoni has collective 10,773 ODI runs at an average of over 50, however, in Test cricket, he hoarded 4876 runs at a strike rate of 38.09. Being an amazing person we wish Dhoni to return as soon as possible and visualize us the magic innings again in the phase of his career.