New York Jets: 2017 Is the Year of Long-Term Plans

By now, everyone knows that the 2017 New York Jets season has quite little to do with 2017. This is going to be about next year, 2019 and beyond. It's going to be about figuring out who's a keeper, who should leave the team and resetting a name that has lost its way over the past few seasons.

The 2017 campaign for New York Jets is crucial for the team’s future campaigns. Third-year general manager Mike Maccagnan will have to make major decisions about the squad. Hence, the 2017 draft season will provide a major opportunity for the club to rethink its strategy and get back on track. During the off-season, the club made a conscious decision in order to focus on the youth. This meant losing the overpriced or ageing veterans, who have been a huge burden on the club. Jets have done away with most of those veterans. It is now time for the club to start building the youth, but it is easier said than done, according to the best tipsters online.

Long-Term Thinking

Lack of long-term focus has led the team to ditch any players from the 2012 draft. Just one player of the 2013 draft class was able to secure a second contract. Such has been the disappointment at Jets over the last few years.

There will be plenty of focus on Maccagnan, who was primarily brought in to improve the squad so that the club could challenge for the play-offs once again. Yet, most of his picks – apart from Leonard Williams – have been subjected to questions, and Christian Hackenberg is probably the biggest question mark. After having been through two drafts under Maccagnan, Jets owner Woody Johnson will have the right to expect more from the squad. Maccagnan has tried to remain defiant by claiming that the team’s young players will start making a difference sooner rather than later.

Play-offs Are Close

The primary focus for the team will be to pick up some established names in the 2017 NFL draft. The team has four selections to make in the first 107 picks. Jets will struggle in the campaign if Maccagnan managed anything less than three starters in these four picks. The quarterbacks in the draft do come with an element of risk, New York Jets are likely to be scared straightaway with their #6 pick. Maccagnan has already been involved in bringing two quarterbacks, and he does not have the luxury of making a similar pick in the first round.

Irrespective of how the season progresses, the 2017 campaign for New York Jets will be based on the hope that it provides. After more than five years of struggles, showing signs of positivity that would ultimately lead to a regular play-off contention would make a good campaign.

Final Thoughts

Over the years, the NFL has witnessed fans be patient with the team if they see hope. Yankees were able to do away with lesser firepower as fans had hope that the likes of Aaron Judge, Gary Sanchez, and Greg Bird will eventually come good. Mets also endured a similar period with hope that youngsters like Zack Wheeler and Matt Harvey would come good.

It is now time for Maccagnan to instil a similar hope within the team. It is time for the talking to end and for Jets to make some real progress in order to build for the future.