"The Stack" 11-1-16

By ndstacken
Nov. 01, 2016

Jordan Howard and the Chicago Bears ran by the Minnesota Vikings Monday night. The Bears tore apart the Vikings defense and the Vikings offensive line stunk to the high heavens.
Mike DiNovo-USA TODAY Sports

So The Stack had the score simply flipped around.  The Bears beat the Vikings 20-10 last night and we have thoughts on that game plus the World Series and more so let’s get right to it and see what’s in “the stack” for today, Tuesday, November 1st:


Bears beat Vikings on MNF


I think the Bears dressed up like the Vikings Monday night for Halloween, because the Vikings were really not good a week after Philadelphia Eagles perhaps laid the blueprint on how to beat this team.  The Bears got a good game from Jay Cutler who made his first start since what week two of the season, but it was running back Jordan Howard who was the real story rushing for over 150 yards and earning over 200 total scrimmage yards.  The Vikings just don’t give up yards that easily, but they were atrocious Monday night.  Speaking of bad though, the Vikings offensive line may be the worst in the league and will be the demise of this team.  Folks were talking about this team as a potential Super Bowl team, but the offensive line can’t protect Sam Bradford and can’t open up any holes for the running game.  The ship is sinking fast for the Vikings and head coach Mike Zimmer needs to fix things and quick.


World Series thoughts


The Chicago Cubs staved off elimination Sunday night thanks to a fourth inning where they got to Cleveland Indians pitcher Trevor Bauer for three runs.  It proved to be all that they needed as they beat the Indians 3-2.  They trail in the series by that same number 3-2 as the series heads to Cleveland for games six and seven.  The Indians I imagine wish they would have just won it Sunday night, because Jake Arrieta was filthy against the Indians in game two.  Game seven anything can happen.  The Indians need to score a couple of runs early or they could be in trouble in game six.  I’m going to say the Cubs win tonight and then I would be very worried if I were an Indians fan heading into game seven.  Tonight’s game is at 8 PM ET on FOX.


College basketball preseason rankings


College basketball is fast approaching.  Midnight Madness has happened all across the country and we know how some of you (myself included) love preseason rankings, because they mean so much.  However, The Stack has been on Duke, Kentucky, Oregon and Villanova as our four Final Four teams for this year since the middle of the summer.  If you don’t believe me, shame on you.  So it’s worth noting that the AP Top 25 rankings that came out for college basketball on Monday had all four of my Final Four teams in the top five which surely means that things won’t stay the same at the end of the season.  By the way, be sure to check out our college basketball season preview here in the next couple of weeks.  Anyway,  preseason rankings suck.  They mean nothing, but Duke has a fantastic roster full of phenomenal freshman, Kentucky is Kentucky and Villanova and Oregon are returning plenty of players from last year’s teams.  Kansas is the other team in the top five and they surely will be around at season’s end.  The Big Ten and the ACC have ten of the top 25 spots.  These two conferences are the best in college basketball and that will not change this season.  I cannot wait for college basketball to tip off!


Coming up Wednesday or Thursday: World Series reaction, college football weekend forecast and more.