"The Stack" 11-4-16

By ndstacken
Nov. 04, 2016

Matt Ryan and the Falcons offense is flying high after another stellar offensive performance against the Buccaneers offense Thursday night. The fewest points the Falcons have scored so far in a game this season is 23.
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It’s a Football Friday, but don’t tell people in Chicago that today.  They are still celebrating the Chicago Cubs’ World Series title from Wednesday night.  Parade today right?  Kids shouldn’t be in school.  The Stack is celebrating the a 1-0 start this week thanks to the Atlanta Falcons thumping the Tampa Bay Buccaneers 43-28 last night.  Will the rest of our picks be that good?  Let’s find out as we preview and predict what will happen in week 9 in the NFL in “the stack” for today, Friday, November 4th:


Pittsburgh Steelers @ Baltimore Ravens 1 PM ET CBS


Reports are that Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger is in line to play this week.  If he does, I like the Steelers.  I mean how are the Ravens going to match the Steelers score for score?  How can they stop Antonio Brown and Le’Veon Bell?  If Roethlisberger can’t go, I’ll take the Ravens.  That’s my caveat/cop out of the week.  I think he’ll play.


Prediction: Steelers 27 Ravens 16


Dallas Cowboys @ Cleveland Browns 1 PM ET FOX


A lot of people are picking the Cowboys as their survivor pick for this week.  How did that go for people who picked the Minnesota Vikings last week?  I’d be just a little leery of an upset.  The Browns have played better than their 0-8 record would indicate.  Perhaps if the Indians had won the World Series they would win this game.  Too much Ezekiel Elliott and Dak Prescott in this one.


Prediction: Cowboys 34 Browns 20


Jacksonville Jaguars @ Kansas City Chiefs 1 PM ET CBS


No Alex Smith in this one for the Chiefs.  They’ll turn to Kevin Kolb.  Doesn’t matter if the Chiefs don’t have Smith or Jamaal Charles.  Would you really think about taking the Jaguars at this point?  I wouldn’t either.  I’m extending my distance from them.


Prediction: Chiefs 26 Jaguars 13


New York Jets @ Miami Dolphins 1 PM ET CBS


Jets have won two in a row which is nice.  The Dolphins have won a couple in a row themselves.  Something has to give.  I’ll give the edge to the home team here, but I don’t feel good about picking either of these two teams.


Prediction: Dolphins 24 Jets 20


Detroit Lions @ Minnesota Vikings 1 PM ET FOX


I wasn’t going to pick against the Vikings, but with the week they’ve had losing at Chicago (Chicago!) on Monday night and then offensive coordinator Norv Turner resigning on Wednesday, it feels like this ship is sinking.  Prove me wrong Vikings.  Prove me wrong.


Pick: Lions 20 Vikings 13


Philadelphia Eagles @ New York Giants 1 PM ET FOX


Will Eagles rookie quarterback Carson Wentz actually throw the football more than 15 yards down the field this week?  He might have to if the Eagles want to win this game.  The Eagles defense is really good, but I think Odell Beckham Jr. and Eli Manning will find a way to get the job done late and get the Giants a victory.


Prediction: Giants 27 Eagles 24


Carolina Panthers @ Los Angeles Rams 4:05 PM ET FOX


That Rams defense is pretty good.  Cam Newton better be prepared.  The refs better be prepared too to call some penalties against the Rams defense if they hit Newton low or late.  The refs will be watching for that.  Panthers find a way to get the win on the road.


Prediction: Panthers 26 Rams 16


New Orleans Saints @ San Francisco 49ers 4:05 PM ET FOX


At the beginning of the season, this was a game I thought the 49ers could win.  Now though, the Saints have played a little better than I expected and the 49ers have played slightly worse than I expected.  How do you think the 49ers defense is going to be able to stop the Saints offense?  Vice versa too, but the Saints are the better team.


Prediction: Saints 38 49ers 24


Indianapolis Colts @ Green Bay Packers 4:25 PM ET CBS


There’s something wrong with the Colts.  They are wasting Andrew Luck.  The Packers aren’t wasting Aaron Rodgers and though he has perhaps been a little shakier this year than in previous years, he’s starting to pick it up now and the Colts defense is pretty terrible.  Packers roll.


Prediction: Packers 34 Colts 19


Tennessee Titans @ San Diego Chargers 4:25 PM ET CBS


The Chargers have played better than their record indicates.  The Titans are a much better team than they were last year, but at home, Phillip Rivers and the Chargers find a way to get the job done and win the final home game before the city of San Diego decides if the team deserves a new stadium.  At least I think Tuesday is when they vote for this, right?  Maybe it’s just the president.  Oh well.  Where was I?


Prediction: Chargers 27 Titans 20


Denver Broncos @ Oakland Raiders 8:30 PM ET NBC


This is an old AFC West clash that we have been waiting for for years.  The Raiders have not played well at home this year (just 1-2), but this is a great opportunity to take down the mighty Broncos.  The Broncos defense is tough, but with the way Derek Carr is playing lately, I like their chances of being able to outscore Trevor Siemian and the Broncos.


Prediction: Raiders 27 Broncos 16


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