"The Stack" 11-8-16

By ndstacken
Nov. 08, 2016

Will Hillary Clinton win the race for president today or...
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Will Trump win? The voters decide today.
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The old Jimmy Graham that we knew so well showed up last night for Seattle with two touchdowns and helping the Seahawks beat the Bills 31-25 in a controversial game on MNF.
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The Stack is back on this Tuesday and it is decision day.  Election day is here so today’s post will be a little different.  We’re not here to be divisive.  We’ll talk about the college basketball season later this week or next week.  Let’s find out what’s in “The stack” for today, Tuesday, November 8th:


Seahawks hold on to take down Bills on MNF


In one of the more entertaining games of the NFL season, the Seattle Seahawks and Buffalo Bills played in a shootout considering both teams have really good defenses.  The Seahawks won 31-25.  They did this despite running only 42 plays on offense compared to 82 plays run by the Bills.  Jimmy Graham came alive making some spectacular catches, some of them one-handed and reeling in a couple of touchdowns.  Things got interesting at the end of the first half with a field goal attempt that the refs deemed to be a delay of game because Bills kicker Dan Carpenter kicked it after the whistle blew even though Richard Sherman was charging off the of the edge and ran into Carpenter and forced Carpenter out for a play.  That should not have happened.  Sherman should have gotten a penalty, but that didn’t happen either.  Carpenter missed the kick after that thanks in part to a delay of game.  The refs butchered this one badly.  This is yet another Monday Night Football game in Seattle where referees created controversy.  The Bills outplayed the Seahawks in this one, but Seattle comes away with the win in a very entertaining Monday Night Football game.


Election Day is here


Finally, after months of bickering and some of the most contentious pre-election debates and rallies we have ever seen, American votes today on who will be the next president.  Sure there are other Senate and House races, but we’re all looking at the presidential race between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.  I am not going to try and persuade you.  This is not a great election.  The two choices are far from perfect.  One can’t be fully trusted and has poor judgement.  Sometimes she is secretive.  The other is a sexist, racist asshole who has helped divide the country and brought some hate groups back into the limelight, most notably the KKK.  I personally wish Ohio governor John Kasich got more of the vote.  I would have voted for him.  There are a lot of concerns going on regarding race in this country.  Just look at what is going on on the University of Wisconsin-Madison campus.  America has a choice to make.  Regardless of what the poles are saying, go out and vote.  Your vote matters.  It means you can declare victory or bitch and complain about what is going to happen if your candidate doesn’t win.  You know how many other countries would love to be able to vote in a free, non-rigged election?  Dozens if not a hundred countries.  It is your right to vote.  Thousands have sacrificed their lives so that we can live in the free country we live in today.  The least you can do is to go and vote.  It doesn’t matter if you are white, black, purple, green or blue.  It doesn’t matter if you’re Caucasian, African-American, Muslim, Native American.  It doesn’t matter if you are Baptist, Catholic, Agnostic.  You have an obligation to vote today.  Please go out and do so.  Don’t be afraid of the backlash.  Don’t be afraid of the long lines.  Don’t let others get under your skin.  This is a great country, regardless of what one of the candidates thinks.  Part of what makes America great is the democracy we live in and that starts with voting.  Go vote today.  Your vote counts.


Coming up later this week: College basketball season preview on Wednesday maybe (otherwise next week), college football weekend forecast and more.