Q & A With Hayley Wright Ahead of King Shaka Classic

By Sibusiso Nkosi
Mar. 09, 2017

Yesterday we caught up with Hayley Wright for a short Q & A ahead of the King Shaka Classic where she will be competiting. Wright is no stranger to the bodybuilding fraternity. In 2016 she placed second at the East Coast Classic Beach Bikini category. She also ranked top 3 at the 2016 SA Champs.

Sibusiso Nkosi: When did you start your career? How long has it been now?

Hayley Wright: I've been training for a year now under the guidance of my coach Riaan Dohne from Rishape Fitness.

Sibusiso Nkosi: How did it all start?

Hayley Wright: It started for me as a weight loss challenge for myself. I picked up 30kgs during my pregnancy and I was battling to loose the weight. Quickest way would be to set a goal to be on stage within 6 months!

Sibusiso Nkosi: Take me through what kind of training you are going through to prepare.

Hayley Wright: I train twice a day.  Hour fasted cardio in the mornings and then later on in the day I do an hour of weight training. I do legs, shoulders and glutes twice a week. Back, arms and calves once a week. Sundays is my rest day.

Sibusiso Nkosi: That sounds like a hectic schedule for a mom. How do you work around that? I presume you have to squeeze in work as well?

Hayley Wright: It's really tough. I work as a sales representative for Inov8 Nutrition and they allow me half day so I have time to train and be with my daughter too. I absolutely love my job! The key to success is a supportive husband and preparation. Everything I eat is weighed and cooked 3 days in advance so all I need to do is pack it everyday.

Sibusiso Nkosi: Now, body image "issues", if I may put it like that, are a big problem among teenagers. Especially young girls. Do you feel that you are equiping yourself, through your bodybuilding career, to help your daughter to smooth sail through that phase (should it come)?

Hayley Wright: Absolutely. I'm extremely passionate about women being confident and happy with their bodies. In off season I'll easily put on 10kgs and im comfortable with my curves. I'm trying to teach the public to always be happy with the skin that you in. In fact, happiness is the key to success! As soon as we start loving ourselves that's when our bodies start responding better to diet and training. Exercise increases healthy and happy endorphins as well and should be incorporated into every family's regimen.

Sibusiso Nkosi: Are you nervous about putting yourself up for public scrutiny? Not just by the judges, but by people who came to attend? How are you going to deal with that?

Hayley Wright: I'm not worried about what the public thinks to be honest. I take part in this sport for me, not for them. I know in my heart that I've not cheated on my diet, that I have taken every step of my cardio and I have lifted every weight my coach asked me to. I deserve to be on that stage and I am going to love every second of it not for the judges nor the audience but for myself! Scrutinize away, I'm going to be the happiest girls on that stage!

Sibusiso Nkosi: What is the most common misconception about female bodybuilders? And what are your thoughts on that misconception?

Hayley Wright: "Don't get too big!" or "I dont want big muscles, I just want to tone" is something I hear daily and it really grates me! It takes years upon years upon years to create a large amount of muscle and if you don't continue gyming, you will loose that muscle mass. To tone up, you have to pick up weights! You are at no risk at all of ever getting too big. You will however find yourself looking and feeling incredible!

Sibusiso Nkosi: Any shout outs you would like to make?

Hayley Wright: I have so many people backing me for the King Shaka Classic including my incredible sponsors: Rishape Fitness, Inov8 Nutrition, BW Apparel, Trifocus Fitness Academy, Simply Tipped, SBR Trading and Hair at Leisure by Lucinda.  I hope I make them proud!