Take Your Starpro Punching Bag Training to the Next Level

By Carol Hill
Feb. 18, 2019

Starpro Punching bags are an ideal fitness and combat training equipment. They help you lose weight and get in shape. At the same time, they improve your boxing, kickboxing, and MMA skills.

How to Use a Starpro Heavy Punching Bag Effectively

You can train with a punching bag at the gym or at home. Your training decides your performance in the ring. Therefore, in order to be prepared for the fight, train like it is the fight. According to experts at Starpro, here are some basic guidelines you must follow in order to get maximum results from your training.

1- Keep your balance

2- Pay attention

3- Punch! Do not push

4- Keep moving

5- Focus on your breathing

6- Keep your arms up

7- Stay active even during rest

8- Stay Hydrated

Keep Your Balance

Balance is one of the key factors in any sports. It is all the more significant in fight sports like boxing and MMA. Never lean into the bag or your opponent. You become vulnerable by leaning into your opponent. They can easily just move aside making you lose your guard. Never use the bag to lean or hold up. Instead, stand on your own feet. It not only improves your footwork but also increases your punching power.

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Pay Attention and Look. DO NOT STARE!

Always pay attention. Whether it is the punching bag training or an actual fight, never lose your guard. Do not stare into your opponent's eyes, as this will clearly give out your next move. At the same time, do not lose focus or look down when delivering a hit. These two habits make it easier for your opponent to defend and counter. Therefore, stay active while keeping an eye on your opponent as well as the bag during the whole session.

Do Not Push. Punch!

A common misconception about punching bag work is that you must move the bag. No. Do not push punch or try to move the heavy bag. It is heavy because it needs to hold its position when you punch it. Instead, channel your energy into the punch. Hit the bag and retrieve your hand back immediately for the next one. This not only improves your technique and punching strength. It will also enhance your speed, agility, and stamina.

Keep Moving. You Need to Stay Active

Never stay still or just stand there waiting for the bag to come to you. Always keep moving. Move your hands for the punches and use your feet for the defensive movement. Move forward, backward and sideways with the bag for better action and active training. This will improve your footwork, making you lighter on your feet. It improves your defenses as well as your overall performance in the ring.

Focus on Your Breathing

Maintaining a breathing pattern is extremely crucial in any high activity sports. It is even more important in fight sports. You need to build stamina for the sport. This means you need to develop your cardiovascular system to cope up naturally with the intense activity. Focus on your breathing instead of strength. The strength will come on its own as your technique improves.

Keep Your Hands Up

Every fight sport requires you to maintain the right stance. It includes an active body language, constant movement and right positioning of the body. For boxing and punching bag workouts, you need to keep your hands up at all times. This enables you to be defensive as well as offensive at the same time. Keep your hands up with your elbows down to protect your chest. It will condition your arms for actual fights while improving body endurance.

Be Active during Rest

Boxing fights never give you enough time to rest. Train yourself for the fights by staying active even during rest. Move your head, move your feet, and move your arms. Keep throwing light punches during the rest sessions. This will not only keep the body active but also train you to stay in motion.

Stay Hydrated. Always!

While diet is important for fighters, hydration is even more crucial. Intense physical activity makes you sweat and lose body fluids. It is important to restore these fluids for optimal muscle movement. Dehydration can make you feel dizzy while losing focus, speed, and stamina. So, drink lots of water before, during and after your training in order to stay healthy and perform well.

Buy the best punching bags for your fitness and combat training to get the best results. After all, your equipment plays a major role in your training. Find a variety of premium quality boxing and MMA punching bags for sale at Starpro at the best price.