Clean and Deodorize Your Starpro Boxing Gloves with 5 Natural Methods

By Jack Mae
Jan. 11, 2019

Starpro Boxing Gloves with 5 natural methods

Boxing gloves are crucially essential for ensuring a fighter’s hands and face from serious injuries. Extensive sparring sessions get tough on your hands and boxers every so often forget that the gloves need to be cleaned.

Cleaning your gloves regularly and maintaining them just do not mean these are clean and odor free, but it also helps in making their durability constant. In aspect to clean boxing gloves, the important thing is to make sure they dry out after every usage. If not, then the bacteria in the gloves will continue to grow and damage your gloves ultimately.

Keep your gloves stink-free & germ free

Know that boxing gloves are that part of the gear, which has a tendency to become smelly and fester with bacteria. This is only due to the germs produced by sweating and moisture. Hence, make sure to always keep your gloves germs free and not stinky. There are several ways and some are definite for specific glove materials. First, get familiar with what your glove is made out of and then read on before trying any of the following effective mentioned cleaning methods.


If you are too busy and forget to dry your boxing gloves and they have become stinky, then these methods will for sure help you clean them.

1. Use anti-bacterial spray to kill microbes

Anti-bacterial spray kills germs effectively in gloves. Use bacterial spray afore hanging your boxing gloves in the air or sun. Spraying quickly fix the problem and freshen up your gloves at once.

Loose or unwrap your gloves

Do anti-bacterial spray in them

After that, place the gloves in an open area for some time to dry naturally

Remember do not make this method a routine.

2. The salt water infuse

Soak your gloves in the salty solution overnight as it is a guaranteed way to kill bacteria and to make your gloves get rid of stink. This solution mainly helps in breaking down the bacteria and dissolves in the gloves. Note that this method is not that safe for the gloves, which are made of the material that are not reactant to salt water. Hence, before using any method always know the material it is made up of. This method is deliberately a better alternative to boiling the gloves, as boiling even at low heat can damage your gloves instead of killing the bacteria.

Take saline water in a container

Keep your gloves in that solution

Leave them for a night and let them dry the following morning

3. Freeze your gloves at night

This method may sound weird to you but as much as it sounds bizarre, it is a most effective approach to kill bacteria. Place your gloves in the freezer overnight and air dry them for the next one to two days.

Put gloves in the plastic bag before keeping them in the freezer

Note that placing just for one day is not necessary. You must place them 1

to 2 days in the freezer

4. The stuffing

Some boxers also stuff their gloves to air them and prevent bacterial growth. Using glove dogs is possibly the most effective way because these are personalized specifically. Basically, glove dogs keep your gloves from smelling like new, because of its breathable cotton flannel shells that are filled with refined and durable cedar chips. Moreover, while avoiding bacterial growth they also increase the life period of gloves. Some boxers also suggest and advise using newspaper or a bar of soap for this purpose.

Insert glove dogs into gloves after each use

Absorbs all the glove moisture while aromatizing completely

5. Use apple cider vinegar

No doubt that apple cider vinegar is used to clean many different things like shoes and bags. It is an effective method for cleaning boxing gloves and get rid of stink as well. It is also considered as a super easy and active method to tidy your boxing gloves.

Get a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar into your hand

Rub it inside the gloves carefully

Let gloves dry overnight

Next day your gloves will be free of stink

You can apply vinegar more than once for a rapid result

Keeping your boxing gloves clean is crucial, as they get bacteria or become stinky due to hard training sessions. There are many other methods that one can use to clean boxing gloves, however, the aforementioned are safest yet most popular. Keep in mind that all methods are not safe for every type of gloves, as something that might work for leather gloves might possibly destroy a pair of polyester gloves. So, follow above mentioned methods and keep your gloves clean and germ free. Good luck and keep your gloves dry!

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