2016 NFL Week 6 Preview & Prediction

By Derek Ferreira
Oct. 12, 2016

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

You better watch because Week 6 is going to be hot. As we continue to find out who are pretenders and contenders as we get into midseason form, here are my preview and predictions for this weekend's set of games.

Denver Broncos vs. San Diego Chargers: The Broncos came back to reality with a hot garbage of a game against the Falcons last weekend and now they face the Chargers on a short week of rest and will have an interim coach as Gary Kubiak has some medical issues after the game against the Falcons. Meanwhile, San Diego is a hot mess this season thanks to blowing leads. I like them to get a win here, and I think they will because of they lose, their head coach is gone.

San Francisco 49ers vs. Buffalo Bills: Colin Kaepernick is back under center, and it makes sense as Blaine Gabbert didn't get the job done. It's a necessary move, but I'm not confident that CK7's legs will be enough to power a 49ers offense. Well, the Bills are playing good football, and I see that continuing this week (Bills Win).

Philadelphia Eagles vs. Washington Redskins: Well, the Eagles are not going 16-0, but losing to the Lions kills their momentum, considering that Detroit is bad at coaching. With that said, this is a good football club and the superior team here despite Washington stealing a win over the Ravens last weekend, and the Redskins still don't look impressive. I also believe the defense will struggle against Carson Wentz (Eagles Win).

Cleveland Browns vs. Tennessee Titans: The Browns still have serious issues at QB. Cody Kessler became the latest injury for that position. Now, the Browns turn to Kevin Hogan. Tennessee, on the other hand, has played decent as of late and they should get a victory against this hot garbage of a Browns club.

Baltimore Ravens vs. New York Giants: Marc Trestman would still have a job if the Ravens played some offense and that unit was a hot mess last weekend against Washington. Meanwhile, the Giants didn't look good on offense against the Packers. I'm not sold on both of these teams, but I thin the Ravens will have enough in their offensive arsenal to win this contest.

Carolina Panthers vs. New Orleans Saints: The Panthers are a disaster. Yes, they don't have Cam Newton, but because Derek Anderson is out there doesn't excuse this team to losing to the Buccaneers in their house. Honestly, I don't see them going 1-5, but on the other hand, I see it happening. I'm taking a chance here and going with the Saints to pull out a victory.

Jacksonville Jaguars vs. Chicago Bears: Considering that John Fox has no clue on what to do with the QB position, there's not a lot of excitement for the Bears fan base at this moment. Wait a minute; they do have excitement in the city of Chicago, and that is the Cubs. But let's get back to football, shall we? The argument I can make for a Bears win is that the Jaguars aren't that good, which makes this a Zonk game of a week. I have to pick the Bears here.

Los Angeles Rams vs. Detroit Lions: It has become the theme of this season with the Lions playing their talent against sometimes, and that happen last weekend against Philly. Hey, it happens when an idiot coaches you. Meanwhile, the Rams came back to reality with a hot mess of a game against the Bills in their house, and Jeff Fisher had to coach a bad game. I believe that the Detroit defense will keep the Rams from struggling on offense and steal another victory.

Pittsburgh Steelers vs. Miami Dolphins: In case you've lived under a rock, the Dolphins proved they were terrible with a horrible performance at home against the Titans. Tragic! In the wake of that game, Does anybody believe, that the Fins can pull off an upset over the Steelers? I don't think so. Quite sad, isn't it! Give me the Steelers.

Cincinnati Bengals vs. New England Patriots: YESSSSSSSSSSSSSS, Tom Brady is back and looked great. Granted, nobody is surprised that the Tom Brady revenge tour is back and Cleveland got the first taste of it, but hey, the Pats looked great. Who didn't look great was the Cincinnati Bengals last weekend in Arlington as they stunk up the joint against the Dallas Cowboys. It's getting to the point where Marvin Lewis is going to get fired. I don't see the Bengals, opps; I meant the Bumgals stealing a win here (Patriots Win).

Kansas City Chiefs vs. Oakland Raiders: Here's a Derek Tidbit for all those Sportsblog readers. Andy Reid is 15-2 after the bye week. The man is great when he comes off a bye week. Oakland is a good club, and they are contenders as I promised, but they still have problems on the defense. Look for the Chiefs to get going in their rushing game, Alex Smith passing the ball and getting the win.

Atlanta Flacons vs. Seattle Seahawks: I call this the Dan Quinn Bowl. Dan Quinn comes back to his old ground, and let me be honest, I was not sold on this Falcons. Now I am after they defeated the reigning and defending Super Bowl champions. Now, they go into the toughest stadium in the NFL and play the Seahawks. Look for Russell Wilson to have his big game (Seahawks Win).

Dallas Cowboys vs. Green Bay Packers: Green Bay got a victory in primetime against the Giants, which was great. With that said, I am concerned because they can't put a team away after getting the lead early, which happened in the game against the Giants. Considering how good Green Bay is at stopping the run, that puts pressure on Dak Prescott to get something going to offense. The Packers did shut down Eli Manning, and Prescott is not this marquee QB, but I think he'll have some tricks up his sleeve and pull off an upset. The x-factor is going to be the defense of the Dallas Cowboys.

Indianapolis Colts vs. Houston Texans: Well, where looking at another terrible primetime game (one week to go until the season premiere of The Walking Dead). It goes to show you that the AFC South is bad and that either team is going to win the AFC South. I can't give the Colts credit for defeating the Bears especially with Chicago being a terrible ball club, but the Texans were god awful against the Vikings. Give me Andrew Luck and the Colts to win in aa game that nobody will watch, which continues the ratings decline.

New York Jets vs. Arizona Cardinals: Just like I said with the last matchup, I can't give the Cardinals that credit for defeating the 49ers that aren't very good, but a win is a win. Meanwhile, the Jets are free falling, which means that the Bryce Petty era could happen sooner rather than later. I believe that the Cardinals will pull out another victory against another bad team on Monday Night Football.