2016 World Cup of Hockey Preview & Prediction

By Derek Ferreira
Sep. 15, 2016

After a 12-year hiatus, the World Cup of Hockey makes it return this weekend, and will be a two-week preseason competition in Toronto. The last time we had this type of competition, the United States and Canada are the only two nations to win this, but will another country step up in the third installment of the tournament? Well, here is my preview and predictions for the 2016 World Cup of Hockey.

Group A (Canada, Czech Republic, Europe, United States): This is an easy group to predict here because two of the most superior teams have the chance to advance to the semifinals. Canada is a true favorite to win the tournament, and I can see why because the tournament is held in their country., and not to mention, the roster is deep, and they have the experience. The United States has plenty of talent on the offense to frustrate the Czech Republic and the European team. Speaking of Europe, they don't have depth and their weakness is on the net whereas the Czechs are getting weaker due to injuries.

Group B (Finland, North America, Russia, Sweden): Group B is more like a group of death that we see in soccer although I do have a favorite that gets out of the group. Sweden is a favorite to win this group because of their balance, and they have Henrik Lundqvist. I'd be shocked if they didn't make the final two out of this group. Another country to make it out of this group is Finland because of their strong goaltending, but watch out for North America because they do have speed in their roster depth, and Russia because of their offense.

Semifinals: Canada over Finland, and Sweden over the United States.

Finals: Sweden Defeats Canada: This is going the distance, but I would be shocked if this series ends in two games. Yes, I did say Canada was the favorites because of the home-ice advantage, but something tells me that this Swede team plays spoiler. They got the experience, and I'm confident in their play in goal.