Breaking: WWE Suspends Paige for 60 Days For Violating WWE Wellness Policy

By Derek Ferreira
Oct. 10, 2016

Paige has been a controversial WWE Superstar this calendar year, and of course, the controversy started with her relationship with Alberto Del Rio. Not to mention, her first WWE Wellness Policy violation. Well, it looks like she's taking another extended vacation.

News broke on this Monday morning that Paige got suspended again, and this time it's strike number two, which means that she got suspended for 60 days.

If she violates one more Wellness Policy, then that means that her contract with WWE is terminated. Talk about a fall of a promising young talent, who was going to be the savior of the Women's division when she won the WWE Divas Championship on her first night on the main roster. Also, she was the diva that started the Divas Revolution last summer. Since then, her career has gone rock bottom.

Honestly, I think there has to be an issue here, and I'm hoping she gets help for these recent failed drug test. When I get more information, I will keep all of the sportsblog readers updated on this developing story. Until then, it's just all speculation, which could be about her relationship with Del Rio.

Update 1: Paige has took her frustrations on Twitter after being suspended by WWE. First tweet, in which I will not put on here due to language quotes by saying "Kids.. Please don't get prescriptions or a note from a doctor. Not acceptable. Even in one tweet, she replies to WWE Hall of Hamer Scott Hall's tweet. 

Update 2: Paige's father in Ricky Knight, has commented on this suspension. For those that are familiar with Knight, Knight has been a wrestler and promotes WAW in England. This was the statement he made on Facebook just a short time ago. It also should be noted that her mother, who is also a professional wrestler quoted that her daughter "should come home."