NXT TakeOver: Toronto Preview & Prediction

By Derek Ferreira
Nov. 16, 2016

This Saturday night, WWE presents NXT TakeOver: Toronto. A show that will feature rematches from what we saw at TakeOver Brooklyn, newcomers stepping up, two Canadians battling, and Mickie James returning to the WWE for the first time in six years. So without further ado, here is my preview and predictions for NXT TakeOver: Toronto.

Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic Finals: TM-61 vs. The Authors of Pain: The first match of the night will feature new tag team talents that came to NXT in 2016. TM-61 is a team from Australia and has worked in Asia for the past several years. Authors of Pain are the less experienced workers that were hired because they look like pro wrestlers, and look like the dominant tag team. Despite the fact that their manager Paul Ellering suspended in a cage above the squared circle, my prediction is the Authors of Pain winning since they are an undefeated team that has dominated everybody in NXT. Both teams have great futures in NXT. I believe both of these tag teams will be champions, but Authors of Pain will get that first opportunity in early 2017.

Tye Dillinger vs. Bobby Roode: Both of Canada's sons will be wrestling each other in front of friends and family this Saturday night. Roode lived in Peterborough and Dillinger in Niagara Falls. The story behind this match is that both were tag teams in the Dusty Rhodes Classic, and Roode turned on Dillinger. Roode plays the role of the heel, but one thing for sure is that I love his "Glorious" theme song. I believe more than 18,000 fans will be singing this Saturday night. Dillinger needs the victory because he's been in development for a few years. The "Perfect 10" gimmick could take off if he pulls an upset. If he does indeed pull off the upset, it's the biggest win in his career. But I have Roode winning, in which I see more significant opportunities for Mr Roode down the road.

NXT Tag Team Championship 2/3 Falls Match: The Revival (C) vs. #DIY: I have this as my match of the night. The last time these two met was in NXT Brooklyn in a match that not only The Revival won, but it was a match that was a five-star classic, and one of the top highlights of SummerSlam weekend. I see a title change here because Gargano and Ciampa have started to win over the NXT Universe. They put on excellent matches all the time, and I like their style of wrestling. Trust me; I've been following these two since their days in the independent scene. Look for plenty of near falls, but in the end, I have #DIY walking away with the titles. Expect both of these teams to continue their feud in the future. Both teams should be on the main roster at some point in 2017, but I worry about their booking on the main roster. For example, look what has happened to tag teams like The Ascension and Vaudevillains. Keep them both in NXT until it's the right move to call them up.

NXT Women's Championship: Asuka (C) vs. Mickie James: This match has a special feeling because how this match was set up. It all started when NXT General Manager William Regal told Asuka he found a great opponent for her. Later, Mickie James showed on the NXT screen, with Asuka showing that battle smile. Asuka has held the Women's title since NXT TakeOver: Dallas, but this is her biggest test. But anyways, how cool is it for Mickie James to return to WWE? I hope after this match is all set in done, she gets a full-time contract with the WWE and be an asset to either Raw or SmackDown Live because they're a lot of fresh matches she can be in. Meanwhile, I am a huge fan of Asuka because she can kick your tail and has won the IWC with her devastating kicks and submission moves. She doesn't deliver any promos, but the match starts, she is in the ring ready for battle. I could see her start some heel tendencies, due to the crowd favoring James. That makes sense to have a transition from face to heel. I have Asuka winning although James gets a standing ovation. I feel like the long-term booking is for Asuka to face off against Ember Moon. I expect that match to happen during WrestleMania weekend. The one thing I know is that if somebody beats Asuka, it will be a big deal because of how dominant she is in the Women's division.

NXT Championship: Shinsuke Nakamura vs. Samoa Joe: This was a rematch from TakeOver Brooklyn when Nakamura captured the title from Joe. The match was good, but I expect better from these two this Saturday night. I say that because they have wrestled at house shows and the chemistry is strong. When it comes to the storyline, Joe is a wrestler that wants to get his title back. He has brawled with Nakamura, and during this feud, Nakamura has even done a stretcher job. The one thing missing from this match is a stipulation where a Street Fight or Last Man Standing makes sense. Nakamura comes out on top. The match will be physical since both guys have this "strong style" in their game. But we know that Nakamura is the "King of Strong Style" because he was famous for that when he wrestled in New Japan Pro Wrestling. After this feud is over, Nakamura moves on to face Roode whereas Joe could make his main roster debut. Raw or SmackDown could use a veteran in Joe. He can be a face or a heel. Something tells me Raw makes the most sense, but the way I see it, he would start out as a mid-card wrestler. But if he goes to SmackDown, I like to see him in a feud with the new Intercontinental Champion in The Miz.