Should the Winner of the Stephen Thompson vs. Damien Maia Fight Face Tyron Woodley

By Derek Ferreira
Aug. 31, 2016

Welcome back to another MMA Take here on Last week, I had a complete recap of UFC 202. This week, I focus on the welterweights. Word on the street is that the winner of the Stephen Thompson vs. Damien Maia fight should face Tyron Woodley. Should one of those two face Woodley?

Should the Winner of the Stephen Thompson vs. Damien Maia Fight Face Tyron Woodley: Tyron Woodley is playing politics with the UFC. He's yapping his mouth saying that he wants to fight George-St Pierre and Nick Diaz, but he doesn't deserve both of those fights. Sure, he defeated Robbie Lawler by knocking him out, but until he can prove that he is not a one man fluke, he has to face other competition within the welterweight division. Winning the UFC Welterweight Championship is a sacrifice to hard work. And the contenders that should be getting those shots should get that opportunity. Nick Diaz doesn't deserve a shot. Georges-St Pierre needs to have at least one tune up fight. Yes, I understand that he was a great champion, but he vacated the title and has not fought in three years. The landscape of the UFC welterweight division has changed since he took his leave of absence. Now to answer the question in this week's take, Stephen Thompson vs. Damien Maia should be a fight to determine who faces Woodley. Whoever wins this fight, Woodley has to prove to me and to all in the MMA Community that he can be the guy that makes the big bucks.