Should the WWE Fire Paige

By Derek Ferreira
Oct. 21, 2016

Welcome back to the latest edition of the Wrestling Take. The theme of this week is drama, and there was a lot of drama in the news regarding wrestling So, let's get ready to talk about drama in the WWE, and Impact Wrestling.

Will WWE Fire Paige: What's the point of keeping a wrestler that's causing drama outside of your company? I Know WWE likes to be petty, and they do all sorts of petty things, but at point do you start to move on? WWE wasn't using Paige before her neck injury, and there's no way she'll be back in their square circle when she is cleared. Even if she does wrestle for the WWE, would she be motivated? There's no pint in keeping her. Just fire her and let her live a happy and healthy life with Alberto Del Rio. Maybe she's still has a job because of Total Divas. That to me doesn't make sense. My advice to the WWE is to tell the E! Network to cancel the show because Total Bellas is the far better show.

Ryback Creating Drama About His WWE Run: It was cool at first. Now, it's just at the point of go away. I don't know why the guy is upset about the WWE. I know he was promised a push and a big payday. Get a grip. Recently, he won the WrestlePro Tag Team Titles, which is good. In my honest opinion, Ryback was underused in his WWE run, and his body of work was improving. Now, I want to see him in the independent wrestling scene and be himself.

Will TNA Go Out of Business Due to Their Latest Lawsuit: Everytime TNA is in some financial crisis, I say that it's the beginning of the end for TNA. However, they always get back up and find a way to survive. Now, there's a major issue with multiple parties, which includes Tennessee. I don't want to see this company die because not only does it affect the talent, but recently, TNA has been a pretty good show to watch.

Lucha Underground Running Free Live Events: While they won't make any profits off these free events, the advantage they have is exposure. I believe that they'll go all-in with talent and produce good shows. What is the endgame for Lucha Underground? They're a show that produces wrestling, and they want to transition to being a wrestling show. I don't know the long-term future of Lucha Underground, but everyone loves the talent.