Was the NSAC Fine on Conor McGregor Harsh

By Derek Ferreira
Oct. 19, 2016

Joshua Dahl-USA TODAY Sports

This week on the MMA Take, I will discuss the fine that the NSAC gave to Conor McGregor after throwing a bottle of water at Nate Diaz.

Was the NSAC Fine on Conor McGregor Harsh: Here's a fun fact on this topic: Jon Jones and Daniel Cormier got involved in a physical confrontation during the build to UFC 182. From that confrontation, Jones had to pay $50,000, and Cormier only got a $9,000 fine. And for the record, punches were thrown. While Conor McGregor throwing a water bottle was childish and immature, no one got hurt, and the press conference wasn't ruined. Fining McGregor for his actions was harsh, and it seems that the NSAC wanted to make some money here. And it's stupid for the commission because main event fighters want to fight in Nevada, and some fighters could boycott fighting in Nevada. If this water bottle fiasco caused McGregor to fight outside of Nevada in the future, blame it on the NSAC when Nevada loses money because New York makes more money with an MMA event coming to the state.