Week 10 2016 NCAA College Football Power Rankings

By Derek Ferreira
Nov. 07, 2016

Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

This week's power rankings didn't see a lot of shake-ups, but we saw one shake up in Texas A&M. Let's get to the power rankings.

10. West Virginia: What is the best way for a team to heal after losing their first game of the season? You beat the Kansas Jayhawks, and that's how you heal. Now that West Virginia lost its opportunity to be in a playoff race, all that's left is to win a Big 12 title. They still have to play Baylor and an eventual championship game against Oklahoma. But now, there's a road game against Texas.

9. Auburn: Despite playing a trap game against Vanderbilt, Auburn lived to play another day and remains a contender to win the SEC West. Up next for Auburn is a road game against the Georgia Bulldogs.

8. Oklahoma: The chances of a two-loss team reaching the CFP are slim, Auburn and Oklahoma rising in these rankings is putting people on notice. For Oklahoma, it's simple; if they remain undefeated in the Big 12 and the chips fall, they have an argument over a one loss team who may not reach a conference title game. If they can get to the CFP, Oklahoma gets help from Baker Mayfield and Joe Mixon. Oklahoma's biggest test will be West Virginia and Oklahoma State. With Oklahoma's defense struggling, defeating those two teams will help them rise in these rankings. But first, they will face Baylor and that game will not be a tough test.

7. Wisconsin: It's late in the year, and you know what that means. It's time for Wisconsin to be sneaky. This week, Wisconsin won 21-7 over Northwestern and are closer to the Big Ten West title. Seeing that Nebraska has faded out of the top-10, it's up to Wisconsin to finish off the season by winning out. Wisconsin faces Illinois next week.

6. Louisville: Louisville's toughest matchup are out of the way, now it's about finishing on a high note and getting some help in reaching the playoff. Lamar Jackson moved closer to winning the Heisman this week with a big game against Boston College. Louisville will face Boston College this weekend.

5. Ohio State: Ohio State was harsh to Nebraska. They put not only the Big Ten on noticed, but the nation as well. The Buckeyes still have a road game against the Spartans and the big rival game against Michigan. But, they face Maryland this weekend.

4. Clemson: Clemson put Syracuse on noticed, as we're now starting to see that dominating Clemson team we expected to see. While they did struggle against Auburn, Clemson will need to continue to get stronger against a feisty Pittsburgh team that is looking to pull off an upset. It's a simple mission for the Tigers, win every game, and they get a playoff spot. A defeat kicks them out of the top ten.

3. Washington: I was concerned about Washington travelling to Cal because the Bears can ruin a team's momentum. After a six-TD performance from Jake Browning, I'm not concerned. The Washington Huskies keep rolling and will host a home game against USC this weekend in a matchup that could be a preview of the Pac-12 Championship Game in about a month. While the chances are slim, it could still happen.

2. Michigan: Like the two other teams I mentioned, Michigan needs to win out, and they're a playoff team. A loss eliminates them. This past weekend, Michigan slaughtered Maryland. Now the sign points out to that big matchup against Ohio State in Columbus. But before that game occurs, Michigan plays Iowa this weekend.

1. Alabama: This past weekend, we saw the best performance from Alabama against LSU. With the Tigers playing their best form after firing Les Miles, both teams were scoreless, as they headed into the fourth quarter, but solid play in the offensive game gave Alabama the opportunity to defeat LSU 10-0. When Bama meets Auburn in the Iron Bowl, that game will decide who represents the SEC West. But what happens if Bama loses? Well, the Tide will still be a CFP team because of their body of work and strength of schedule is helping them.