Week 11 2016 NCAA College Football Power Rankings

By Derek Ferreira
Nov. 14, 2016

We wanted big-time shakeups, and we waited weeks for it. Well, where getting big-time shakeups this week in the power rankings, and this is going to be an awesome blog I write.

10. Colorado: Having Colorado this high in the rankings late in the season is remarkable. One of the good things with the Buffaloes this season is that they've been so good. In fact, this team could make the CFP. They play the first of two tough games against Washington State.

9. West Virginia: After playing a weird game and surviving against the Longhorns, the Mountaineers of West Virginia host Oklahoma in their biggest game of the season. If they come out victorious, they could win the Big 12, but they have to play Baylor and Iowa State. If they lose, they lose the greatest opportunity by not playing in a New Year's Six.

8. Oklahoma: Perhaps the hottest team in college football not named Alabama, the Sooners of Oklahoma continued their streak by defeating Baylor. With the shakeups that happened this weekend, Oklahoma can still reach the CFP. One chip that needs to fall this weekend is Houston beating Louisville and the Sooners beating West Virginia.

7. Wisconsin: Wisconsin is outside looking in when it comes to the CFP, as teams continue to play around the Badgers, they get lost in the shuffle. With two defeats, the Badgers need a lot of chips to fall in the coming weeks. They could see chaos in the Big 12 and the Badgers making the Big Ten title game. Wisconsin is a New Year's Six team without a doubt, but I believe they have gone under the radar this season.

6. Washington: The Huskers season came to a crashing halt in Seattle. It was a risky game for the Huskies as they squared off against a hot USC team and we saw Jake Browning struggling. Despite Browning struggling in the game, I believe the Huskies have a chance to reach the CFP if they can win out the rest of their games. Their next big test is against Washington State, but before that game, they face off against Arizona State this weekend.

5. Louisville: The Cardinals are doing everything right, and are still one spot away from making my CFP football rankings, where at the No. 5 spot, but for Louisville, it's personal. They need Clemson to lose one-more-game, and they're in the playoffs. But for the Cardinals, they got a tough test ahead against Houston on the road.

4. Clemson: The moment that the Tigers of Clemson went down to Pitt, many people thought this was going to be a devastating loss. But by the end of the night, Clemson was right back in the hunt for the CFP. Now, Clemson is back to square one, and it's a simple task. Win and they; re in the CFP. They're on the road this week, and they play Wake Forest.

3. Michigan: Like Clemson, Michigan's defeat should've been devastating, but the theme of this past weekend was back to square one. However, Michigan needs to correct things when it comes to under center. Still, I have Michigan beating Ohio State and winning the Big Ten title. Next, Wilton Speight needs to be consistent. To rebound, they play an interesting matchup against Indiana this weekend, and the Wolverines have the advantage, but if they play like what they did against Iowa, it's going to be upset alert.

2. Ohio State: The Buckeyes has mastered on how they lose a game during the CFP Era and bounce back from that loss to Penn State a few weeks ag. Since then, the Buckeyes are a wrecking ball, and now they're back in the CFP hunt. They travel to Michigan State, but I don't see the Spartans beating the Buckeyes.

1. Alabama: Alabama is the first team that makes my CFP bracket. After an easy win over Mississippi State and Georgia beating Auburn, Alabama is playing in the SEC title game, and even a defeat will still put them in the CFP because of their body of work. Alabama has a cupcake game this weekend against Chattanooga.