Week 3 2016-17 NBA Power Rankings

By Derek Ferreira
Nov. 08, 2016

Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome to the debut of the 2016-17 NBA Power Rankings. I have decided to add the NBA to the family of power rankings here on sportsblog.com. Without further ado, let's debut these power rankings.

10. Utah Jazz: The Jazz is 4-3 in seven games this season, in which one of their biggest wins was on the road against the San Antonio Spurs. Led by George Hill, that same George Hill, the Jazz is going to rise as a team in 2016. So far, they've done a decent job of rising in the eyes of the NBA and fans that watch basketball.

9. Before losing to the Los Angeles Clippers, the Detroit Pistons were playing some great basketball in the NBA. The Pistons were able to use players to match with their opponent depending on what they can use to have success in their games.

8. Golden State Warriors: Speaking of not living up to the hype thus far, the Golden State Warrior hasn't lived up to the hype in their first seven games of the season. The best team with numerous talent hasn't blown up the league to start off the young season. However, they did that last night when Stephen Curry when Curry went 13 for 17 from behind the line in an 116-106 victory. While I don't think this team would go below .500 a la the Miami Heat did when they had their super team; the Warriors have yet looked like that super team as promised it would be.

7. Atlanta Hawks: The Atlanta Hawks weren't supposed to be this strong contending team. They let too many of their player go to other teams in the offseason. The Hawks signed Kent Bazemore and replaced Al Horford with an ageing Dwight Howard. While the Hawks do have the talent to contend in the East, they are still ways from the Beast in the East in the Cleveland Cavaliers.

6. Toronto Raptors: For the Toronto Raptors, last season and this season shows that this roster is ready to contend. All the players and the front office staff have upped this team for the future. But with Kyle Lowry being that player that doesn't want to lose, he has more significance to the organization.

5. Charlotte Hornets: The Hornets did some remarkable that put them in the top five of these rankings, and that is defeat the Indiana Pacers 122-100 last night. With a 5-1 record, that is their best start in franchise history, and the Hornets look like this real deal team every time this team enters the court. The reason for this beat down against the Pacers last night was the lack of defensive play by the Pacers. What's the reason behind this rise? The Hornets have found an identity. Also, Steve Clifford has made this team as one of the best defensive teams in the NBA in the young season.

4. Oklahoma City Thunder: Despite the only loss to the Golden State Warriors last week, the Thunder have been fun to watched with the emergence of Russell Westbrook. But this team can play with other players as well. Look at what they did last night to the Miami Heat. The Thunder went on a 20-0 run and who contributed to most of those points? Russell Westbrook.

3. San Antonio Spurs: The San Antonio Spurs are going to be one of those teams that remain in the top five of these rankings as long as they do two things. First, having Gregg Popovich as the head coach. Second, Kawhi Leonard continues to play for this team. Once you put those two things together, you have a recipe for being one of the best teams in the NBA.

2. Los Angeles Clippers: As I mention earlier in these rankings, the Los Angeles Clippers massacred the Detroit Pistons last night. Outside of a sloppy game against the Oklahoma City Thunder, the Clippers have to make that argument that they are one of the best teams in the NBA, though that debate will be shot down as long as my No. 1 team in these rankings continue to play like the champions they are.

1. Cleveland Cavaliers: Who is that team that I mentioned? That team is the Cleveland Cavaliers. The Cavs are the last team undefeated team in the NBA. LeBron James and the usual suspects are continuing right where they picked off after defeating the Golden State Warriors in the NBA Finals last season. No team has looked dominating than the defending champions over the first two weeks of the season.