Week 7 2016 NCAA College Football Power Rankings

By Derek Ferreira
Oct. 17, 2016

John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports

The first seven weeks of the College Football season, things are shaking up in the power rankings, which should make for an exciting conclusion to the season.

10. Oklahoma Sooners: The Sooners are back in my top-10. After winning 38-17 over Kansas State, the Sooners have put themselves in contention to play in a New Years Six game. The Sooners have an easy schedule, and with some contenders facing g some tough road games, I wouldn't be surprised if the Sooners get back into the CFP. This weekend, Oklahoma plays Texas Tech in what could be the best game of the season. Two offenses, the whole storyline with Baker Mayfield when it comes to OU-Tech, which is a recipe for some Shakespearean drama.

9. Baylor Bears: I think the experts, myself included that Baylor would be a decent team, but struggle because of the controversy that happened in the offseason. Being undefeated is a surprise, in which I believe one of their defeats would come to Oklahoma State. Up next for Baylor is a bye week, and then they start their murderers row Big 12 schedule.

8. Nebraska Cornhuskers: Despite Tommy Armstrong struggling this past weekend. A win is a win. The Cornhuskers are 6-0 for the first time since 2001, and they face Purdue this weekend.

7. Louisville Cardinals: Louisville survived a trap game Friday night against Duke that puts them at 5-1 this season. Their next two games are exciting, in which Virginia is better than what was predicted, but they have to square off against NC State especially after coming off a defeat against Clemson. Lamar Jackson continues to be that Heisman candidate after his 300 plus yard game. To me, he is my favorite to win the Heisman.

6. Clemson Tigers: Why No. 6? Clemson hasn't impressed me this season. It's good to see them play the game that had against Louisville, but the rest of the season, it's like being on a rollercoaster. Luckily, they have a bye week and then travel to Florida State. If they lose that game, they travel back to Death Valley with their first loss of the season.

5. Texas A&M Aggies: The Aggies had the bye week and therefore they stay at No. 5.

4. Washington Huskies: Like the Aggies, the Huskies are at No. 4 with them having their bye week. Washington host Oregon State this weekend, in which that can be a trap game.

3. Michigan Wolverines: The theme of bye weeks continue. Michigan faces Illinois this weekend.

2. Ohio State Buckeyes: Ohio State finally had their first test of the season, trailing 16-6 to Wisconsin at halftime in the soaking rain, the Buckeyes came back from adversity to win 30-23 in overtime. To be honest, this was the perfect matchup for the Buckeyes, and it was needed. Ohio State hasn't had that test this season, getting victories against Oklahoma, and Indiana, but it was clear that the Buckeyes was the best team in the Big Ten. Against the Badgers, the running game got going in the fourth quarter; the Buckeyes had a better gameplan in the second half. Lastly, Nick Bosa collected a few tackles. Ohio State faces off against Penn State, and I expect that game to be a breather for the Buckeyes.

1. Alabama Crismon Tide: Alabama put together the best display this season. In nine straight games, the Crismon Tide scored a touchdown that wasn't on the offensive side of the ball. Teams would die to do something like that. Also, schools would want a talent like Jalen Hurts on their team. Hurts had a big day leading in rushing and passing in the 49-10 victory over Tennessee. I'm about to put him in the Heisman Trophy talks, as he has been undeniable. Alabama plays Texas A&M at home.