Week 9 2016 NCAA College Football Power Rankings

By Derek Ferreira
Oct. 31, 2016

Mike Carter-USA TODAY Sports

Four undefeated teams were defeated in Week 9 that shook up the college football power rankings, as we will have some major changes.

10. Nebraska: It was in overtime, but Nebraska finally tasted its first defeat. In a back and forth game, the Huskers showed that they are good enough to play Big Ten teams on the road. After this, Nebraska has a few tough matchups with Ohio State being the first. That matchup should be interesting, with Ohio State struggling the last few weeks.

9. Texas A&M Aggies: The Aggies played a non-conference game this week to face another team called the Aggies from New Mexico. As you saw, Texas A&M won the matchup. Still a contender in the SEC West, A&M plays against Ole Miss. Let's hope they can win their next three games and get an NY6 contest. Right now, I'm thinking Sugar Bowl.

8. Oklahoma Sooners: With all the major matchups this past weekend, the Sooners picked apart the Kansas Jayhawks. What did we expect, a dud 50+ point game and now the Sooners have serious things to worry about. Where will they sit in the College Football Playoff Rankings? While the playoff is a long shot, they should be contenders for the NY6.

7. Wisconsin Badgers: As I mentioned, Wisconsin defeated Nebraska, and they control the Big Ten West. With three games against their toughest opponents, all the Badgers need to do is maintain their position in the west. First up, it's Minnesota. Still, I can see them make the playoffs, but it's a long shot for them because they might either play Michigan or Ohio State in the Big Ten Championship game.

6. Louisville Cardinals: Louisville should've won easily against Virginia. But, we didn't get a Heisman moment from Lamar Jackson. With two minutes left, Virginia had the lead and Jackson came through with quick plays. In the end, Jackson connected with Jaylen Smith to win the matchup. Still, I have Lamar Jackson winning the Heisman Trophy, but he still has some work to do. Next up, it;s Boston College.

5. Ohio State: After losing to Penn State last week, the Buckeyes had another tough win, but this time it was to Northwestern. That was a weird game. I don't think it was a struggle after losing to Penn State, but more of reality. After defeating Oklahoma, Ohio State never really got the test until they played Wisconsin. Will those struggles continue against Nebraska on Saturday?

4. Clemson Tigers: Clemson looked like the old Clemson. The team I wanted to see showed up in Tallahassee this past weekend. With the atmosphere high at Doak Campbell Stadium, the Clemson Tigers led by DeShawn Watson let the college football world know that there's a new team running in the ACC. In ways, Clemson needed this win. If they were defeated, they lose a College Football Playoff spot. Clemson plays Syracuse at home this weekend.

3. Washington: Washington never really got tested because of non-conference play, and you can say the same thing with the Pac-12 schedule. Their only lone test was an OT win against Arizona this past September. We got answers on Saturday. After leading early against Utah, the Huskies held up to win 31-24. While that is great news for them, this puts them in a situation where they have to win every game to make it in the College Football Playoff. One defeat and the Huskies are playing in Pasadena.

2. Michigan: Michigan got the revenge against Michigan State, which I expected. Just how they pulled off a victory was impressive. Jabrill Peppers had 11 carries for two TD's, seven tackles, which included a sack. Peppers is a beast. Michigan plays Maryland on Saturday.

1. Alabama: Alabama had the bye week, but the tough schedule starts. First off, a road game against LSU. Jalen Hurts gets his first big test in quite a while and LSU seems to have their groove back.