Why J.R. Smith Should Re-Sign With the Cleveland Cavaliers

By Derek Ferreira
Oct. 11, 2016

Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports

J.R. Smith has become a social media darling after the Cleveland Cavaliers won the NBA Championship this past summer, with him taking pictures. Smith opted-out of his contract to test the free-agent market this summer, and is still on the market. LeBron James has lobbied for the Cavs to resign him, but the Cavs haven't done so yet.

The Cavs and Smith are $5 million apart in negotiations, with Smith wanting $15 million a season, whereas the Cavs want to pay him $11 million. But the Cavs have been playing a deadly game, so they are right to find out which other teams make a move. The Cavs offer is a four-year deal worth $42 million, which is the same deal that Jamal Crawford signed this summer with the Los Angeles Clippers. summer. However, Crawford's deal had $30.5 million guaranteed.

James, who everybody believes is the guy playing the role as general manager. If James wants Smith on the Cavs, the organization will give up their power just to make James happy. A few months ago, there were reports that Smith wanted to stay with the Cavs. It's hard to believe that things change within the last two months, with little teams interested in Smith's services.

It seems like Smith resigning with the Cavs will happen, but the longer the negotiations go, there will be doubt that a deal will happen. I will explain why the Cavs will re-sign Smith.

Just because Smith wants a four-year deal worth $42 million, it means that it's not going to happen. No NBA team would want to sign Smith that kind of money. Sure, Smith has the same agent that James and Tristan Thompson have. But history tells us that Rich Paul; got the Cavs to overpay for Thompson last summer, with James getting that same move, but the Cavs are not that stupid for falling for that same trick again.

At some point, Smith will be out of other options. The Cavs will be huge favorites to win another NBA championship as long as the "King" stays in Cleveland and remains this functional player, and that's what Smith should look for as he enters the prime of his career. At some point, financial realism and logic will come out, and Smith should be the guy that folds in these negotiations.