Will CM Punk Have a Second Chance in the UFC

By Derek Ferreira
Sep. 14, 2016

John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports

After taking a week off, I'm back with the latest edition of the MMA Take. With UFC 203 this past weekend, the big story coming out of the event is CM Punk. The former WWE World Heavyweight made his debut but lost in his first match via submission to Mickey Gall. This week, I get more in depth about CM Punk's future in the UFC.

CM Punk's Future in the UFC: I believe that if CM Punk is serious about an MMA run, the UFC will give him another chance. If this were a few years ago, the UFC would cut him. Punk would've have been fighting in WSOF or Bellator. However, Bellator knows how to promote these guys, and they know how to make big bucks on the Punk name. Hell, they might promote a match against another wrestler (Ken Shamrock). Now if UFC decides to put CM Punk as a contestant on a future season of The Ultimate Fighter, what is the scenario for this? If history serves me correctly, the late great Kimbo Slice was a contestant on that show. And Kimbo wasn't an MMA fighter at that time. Still, The Ultimate Fighter is still the show that puts these amateur fighters in a claustrophobic environment, and CM Punk would likely is the star in front of the camera. Plus, the guy needs to get experience as an MMA fighter. TUF might be on the decline due to low ratings, but it's a good experience for amateurs, and CM Punk would be an interesting contestant on the show. If Punk is serious about this, I could see this as a "Plan B." After watching a full season of TUF, I'll know for sure if CM Punk is ready for the big show.

Does Fabricio Werdum Deserve a Title Shot: If I were creating the matches for the UFC, the matches I would make is Werdum vs. dos Santos and Miocic vs. Velasquez. Why? Cain destroyed Travis Browne in what many called as a contender eliminator fight, whereas Werdum didn't do anything special in his fight against Browne. After two poor performances, Werdum needs to be that fighter that can finish these fights.