WWE No Mercy 2016 Preview & Prediction

By Derek Ferreira
Oct. 06, 2016

For the first time in eight years, WWE is bringing back No Mercy as an exclusive PPV for SmackDown Live. WWE gave us Clash of Champions a couple of weeks ago, and this would be SmackDown's last exclusive PPV before the Survivor Series. A Triple Threat Match will headline the main event for this PPV. While this match can boost subscribers to the WWE Network, we have another match with a stake that's huge. I'll preview those matches and give you my predictions as we preview the 2016 WWE No Mercy PPV.

Jack Swagger vs. Baron Corbin: The latest match added to the card is an important match for both of these WWE Superstars. Swagger just signed with SmackDown after his burial on Raw, whereas Corbin needs to be in a feud to push his stock on SmackDown. A physical match could be expected due to their hard hitting style, but I see Swagger getting protected. Sure, WWE is going to protect Corbin, but I see him winning this match.

Curt Hawkins vs. TBD: After weeks of vignettes, Curt Hawkins is going to make his return to the WWE. I'll just give you my prediction with a Curt Hawkins win.

Carmella vs. Nikki Bella: With the other divas match I'll talk about in just a bit, WWE has used this feud as a secondary rivalry. For Carmella, who is the new kid on the block, having her on a PPV squaring off against a veteran in Nikki Bella is a great platform to showcase her skills. Whoever wins this win should be in line to get a championship opportunity. If Carmella wins, it becomes a big boost for her career, but I believe that Nikki gets the win. WWE sees Nikki as the better attraction for the Divas Division on SmackDown and could be the next challenger for the SmackDown Live Women's Championship.

Health Slayer & Rhyno vs. The Usos (WWE SmackDown Live Tag Team Championship): Man, I love this Usos heel run. Not only is the body of work great, but the fresh character change has worked. WWE gives us a solution here by pushing The Usos even further.. The way I see it is that The Usos win this match and the first challengers would be American Alpha. The Usos have heat from the WWE Universe, but the WWE Universe is sold on American Alpha. I like The Usos in this match.

Randy Orton vs. Bray Wyatt: Out of all of the matches at WWE No Mercy, this is the match that's in an awkward situation. Randy Orton is coming off a feud with Brock Lesnar. Both Orton and Wyatt were supposed to face off last month at Backlash, but with Orton having some injury issues, the match was cancelled, and Kane had to face Wyatt. But where in October, and this match will happen, which puts WWE in a tough situation. Both wrestlers need a win here. The match could go either way. But, Orton is my favorite here, and I have to go with Orton winning this match.

Becky Lynch vs. Alexa Bliss (WWE SmackDown Live Women's Championship): The best wrestler in this feud thus far has been Bliss. WWE has taken care of her by giving her a strong push and has given us an indication that she's in line for a championship opportunity in her young career. But having Becky become a transitional champion is the wrong decision. Nevertheless, I expect this to be a top match of the night, but can they give us the strong showing that Charlotte and Sasha Banks gave us Monday Night. I doubt it but expect this to be a 3 and a half star match. I like Becky to retain her championship.

Dolph Ziggler vs. The Miz (Career vs. Title Match for the Intercontinental Championship): This has been a great feud from the WWE. The Miz's stock has skyrocketed after his struggles within the WWE. Meanwhile, the WWE Universe wants to see Ziggler beat The Miz, which produces passion and emotion in this storytelling. Taking the championship away from The Miz is a long shot, but despite putting his career on the line, Ziggler is unlikely to come out on top. The rumor going around the dirt sheets is that Ziggler could be leaving the WWE. Is Ziggler trolling with the IWC? It's possible! But in the end, The Miz comes out on top.

John Cena vs. AJ Styles vs. Dean Ambrose (WWE Championship Match): This match is the top draw for No Mercy. Styles comes into this match as the favorite. Two reasons for this: John Cena will not tie Ric Flair's record and that is something that should be saved for WrestleMania 33. Second, Ambrose is going to take a break from the WWE to film a movie, which means that he can't win this match. This puts Styles as the favorite to win this match. But WWE likes to throw a curveball at us and surprise us with a Cena win. However, I have the Styles retaining his championship.