Watch the Champions League Without Spending a Penny

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Feb. 01, 2019

Those of you that love football will already be aware that the Champions League is the pinnacle of competitions in club football. It puts the best teams from each European country up against each other in order to determine who is the best team on the continent each year.

Big teams like Manchester United, Real Madrid, Juventus, Paris St Germain, Bayern Munich, Chelsea, Manchester City, Arsenal, Barcelona, and AC Milan are just some of the big teams that contest this competition on a yearly basis and the action is always hard-fought and entertaining.

However, in order to watch the Champions League live, you’ll have to hope that a broadcaster in your country has the rights to show the action live and in many cases, you’ll have to pay for the privilege to watch it.

Watch the Champions League Live for Free

Did you know that you really do not have to pay a dime to watch the Champions League action? By using a streaming site that specializes in sporting action such as or VIPBox, you can actually watch a Champions League live stream of the matches being played.

This is completely free and while not exactly the right thing to be doing – who wouldn’t want to get top quality football for nothing? You will be able to enjoy each and every match starting from the qualifying to the groups and right up to the final where the champions of Europe are decided.

Enjoy Added Privacy With Your Champions League Stream

We are not going to gloss over the fact that watching streams are not entirely the most legal thing that anyone can do. At the same time though, the authorities are usually more interested in cutting off the streams and catching the guys making the action watchable in the first place rather than the hundreds of thousands of people watching.

That said, if you wanted to be extra safe and thus watch the action anonymously, you could make use of a top-quality VPN whenever you’re watching any streamed Champions League matches. These will keep your internet activity completely private and thus out of trouble with any authorities.

A VPN is a highly secure network that your computer connects to and you can literally give yourself an IP address anywhere in the world while you’re watching. This means that your own IP address which is easily physically located will no longer be detectable. Even your very own ISP will have no idea that you’re watching a stream of the Champions League.

Go Find a VPN

We’re not experts on which VPN would be best for you so will leave that down to people like who will be able to point you to the better performing VPN providers. They will be able to explain what it is you should be looking for from a VPN and also give you their opinion on which is the best to use when streaming live events such as the Champions League.