High Beech Riding School – Horse Riding School, Epping Forest

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Jan. 31, 2019

About High Beech Riding School

The High Beech riding school has been around for more almost half a century. It opened back in 1970, and today aims to help people learn the fundamental horse riding skills.

It’s located at the very heart of the Epping Forest in the High Beech village, and it’s safe to say that everyone’s welcome regardless of their skill level – beginner, novice, and even seasoned veteran riders should all stop by to enjoy a beautiful riding experience.

About the staff

The proprietor of the High Beech riding school is Gloria Taylor, she’s been running the business with her manager Philippa Dowsett, the yard manager and senior instructor Megan Santry and with the help of Helen Bowcock-Smith, Lois Gammon, Lucy Botten, and other wonderful people.

Let’s note that the staff of High Beech riding school is comprised of professional instructors, part-time instructors, apprentices, and horse riding escorts – you’ll get nothing short of the best experience.

The horses

This horse riding London school has a page where you can see all the horses that it has to offer. There’s Acuario, Albert, Anjou, Bailey, Barney, Briery, Cinnamon, and dozens of other horses you can marvel at and ride. Children will be thrilled to hear that there are even some ponies aboard.


There are numerous services you can use at the High Beech horse riding school, including the taster session, children’s games on horseback, pony riding lessons & essex, gift vouchers, team building activities, children’s ‘own a pony’ days, flat lessons, lunge lessons, jumping lessons, hacking, walkouts, short courses, BHS trainings, winter indoor school sessions, and more.

As we’ve mentioned before, there are both beginner and advanced level instructors, but there’s also plenty of activities kids and small children can partake in.


The prices of High Beech horse riding school services are divided into two main categories depending on whether they’re to be enjoyed by children or adults.

As far as flatwork horse riding lessons are concerned, the cost for adults goes at 57 pounds per hour if taken privately, 45 pounds per hour if it’s semi-private (a few people partake in the lessons), 34 pounds per hour if an organized group partakes in the lesson, and the most affordable option is the taster indoor session which goes by the price of 29 pounds per hour.

The pricing for children is somewhat different. Namely, an hour of private lessons in flatwork costs 54 pounds per hour, semi-private lessons cost 43 pounds per hour, group lessons cost 31 pounds per hour, and the taster indoor sessions cost 29 pounds per hour (same as adult pricing).

Private horse hacking and jumping lessons are universally priced at 10 pounds per hour per person, regardless of whether children or adults are to partake in them.

The ‘led walk through the forest’ service also costs the same for children and adults and it goes by the cost of 38 pounds per hour spent in the forest.