Ole Gunnar Solskjaer: Top 4 Is Not Good Enough For Manchester United

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Jan. 31, 2019

Do you love football? Well, no one wants to be caught off guard for not knowing an essential part of their clubs history.

Are you an avid Fotballtur til Manchester United fan among your friends? Maybe you fancy yourself being something of a "top red?"

Well, you wouldn't want ever to find out there's a gap in your knowledge of the biggest Fotballtur til England, would you?

But don't worry, we can help you out. We've compiled useful information that a United fan needs to know if they want to be a super-fan.

Top 4 Isn't Enough for the Club Says the Coach

Manchester's United interim manager, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer demands silverware from his team. He is adamant that top-4 finish can never be a dream for the ‘red devils.' Sure, it's a great deal to finish among the first four, but Manchester United is all about winning trophies.

The manager's comments come shortly a day after Mauricio Pochettino discredited silverware as merely "building egos", following Totten ham's elimination from FA cup.

By the time Ole Gunnar took over at Manchester United, the club was 11 points away from a champion's league berth. Currently, the club is only three points away.

Although the manager wasn't talking directly to Pochettino, he says that that's not his dream. Like Manchester United, we should always claim to win the league. If this doesn't happen, the club has to look forward as it'll need to come back and claim the title.

The manager is targeting a trophy this season. We've got the FA Cup and the Champion League. He says that he can't comment on what other managers like Pochettino say as we're focusing on our next match.

Winning a trophy will have a significant impact on clubs morale and performance. It's the best thing that any football club manager hopes to get at the end of a season. It's memorable because you don't know when the next trophy will come around.

The manager is preparing the club for the coming season, with or without him. Since taking over as the interim boss, he has won all his matches. That's an indication that the club is improving and picking up to the top-four position.

Manchester United Draws with Burnley

Manchester United winnings under Ole Gunnar came ended after the ninth match. But Victor Lindelof's goal equalised the score making Manchester United unbeaten for nine games in a row.

Chris Wood's goal at the 81st minute seemed to have determined the winner, despite Pogba's late penalty. But after Lindelof's goal against Burnley, was a fantastic comeback.

It left the manager contended with the game but ruing about the two points that he missed.

After Friday's cup with Arsenal, Ole Gunnar made five changes before the Burnley game. He retained Lomelo Lukaku and brought in Marcus Rashford. Alexis Sanchez and Jesse Lingard were on the bench. Antony Martial couldn't play due to a minor injury.