Kevin Martin retires

By sydrified
Nov. 28, 2016

After 12 seasons, Kevin Martin has announced his retirement.

I followed Sacramento during the late 90s as well as the early 2000s and K-Mart is one of the lone bright spots during the post-Sacramento Serbs era. The guy came out of nowhere to nail those long toms. Although I doubt if his number will be retired in Sactown, this skinny shooting shaman deserves to get some accolades from his former squad.

Injuries stifled further scoring dominance and when he turned 33, it felt as if he is an old man. It didn’t help that he only gotten past the playoffs thrice – one with the Kings... and the other two as backup for the Oklahoma City Thunder and the San Antonio Spurs.

I am trying to describe his career (key word: trying). Martin comes off as a poor man’s version of Rip Hamilton... but the latter was part of a championship ensemble. Perhaps he has the game of Bradley Beal? Even if he had six 20-plus scoring seasons, it’s hard to identify his play alike when the teams he played in screamed gutter hell. A casual NBA fan would probably remember Kevin Martin for that meme in which he had an unsure look while sitting on the bench.

All I know is that Martin carried Sacramento when they returned to obscurity. He came to the Kings watching the likes of Chris Webber, Peja Stojakovic, and Mike Bibby tearing it up and when we got the reins, he tried his best to re-capture their past glory.

Maybe he’s the 2000s version of Mitch Richmond – the Hall of Fame guard who led the Kings before the entry of Webber (they swapped with each other). The only difference between these two is that when Richmond left the Kings, Webber carried the Kings to the playoffs in jackrabbit fashion.

DeMarcus Cousins has the tools to lift the Kings to prominence... but it has yet to materialize.

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