Loyalty Swap: 2 Tamaraws 1 Conduit

By sydrified
Nov. 03, 2016


And the PBA gets shadier by the minute.

So RR Garcia is sent to Mahindra alongside Alex Mallari in exchange for another FEU Tamaraw in Aldrech Ramos and Mahindra’s 2017 second round pick. Garcia would then be sent to San Miguel alongside Keith Agovida for Ryan Arana and the Beermen’s 2018 first round pick.

As individuals, the trade looks nutty.

I mean... Ramos for Mallari?

But now they made it like this? It kind of looks... fair?

First of all, Ramos looked like... no pun intended... a star when he had the better billing than his former FEU teammate. Knowing the lunacy behind Mahindra, they could have just offered whatever random big name they still have on their roster. But the deal pushed through with limited insanity. The deal brought Ramos to Chito Victolero and their big bro-like love for each other will translate inside the court.

And now by trading Garcia and Agovida to San Miguel for Arana and the 2018 first rounder... there’s a slight dip on trade equality. Because with San Miguel building for the future as early as 2016, there is almost no way San Miguel will cellar dwell in 2017. Regardless, the pick suits Mahindra. From the looks of things, they need rookies to combat a veteran’s salary. Right now the Floodbusters have traded KG Canaleta, Bradwyn Guinto, Paolo Taha, Ramos, and Agovida. Russel Escoto is their de facto star player. They need young blood pronto!

Right now I see the trade as fair. The only qualm I have in this situation is how Garcia will fit San Miguel. I guess it’s safe to say veteran Ronald Tubid would have decreased playing time. There are talks that Chris Lutz will change kits.

How in the world will they scrape Brian Heruela from benchwarming hell?

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