The WWE Women's Title is the new Hardcore Championship!

By sydrified
Nov. 29, 2016

So I haven’t written a lot about wrestling but let me say this...

What is up with the hot potato that is the WWE Women’s Championship? The title has changed hands too many times as if it’s the old 24/7 WWE Hardcore Title! I know Charlotte Flair and Sasha Banks are the stars of the division and the rest of the Raw side with the exclusion of Bayley aren’t ready to take their talents to the next level.

So why did they split the women’s division in the first place?

When the brand split happened, I wanted the champion to switch brands every month. With Raw and Smackdown doing separate pay per views per month, let’s have one challenger battle the champion as the other brand readies their bet afterwards. If the division never had separate titles, then we can have Raw’s Sasha Banks feud for Charlotte for a month with Becky Lynch and Alexa Bliss vying for the Number One Contendership. If Charlotte retains, then she will travel with the Smackdown women for a month to test their number one challenger. She will still keep her Raw affiliation so in case she loses the belt to either Lynch or Bliss, she can just use the rematch clause as the former title holder.

This can also work with the Tag Team Championship as well as the Cruiserweight Title. The New Day have held the title for almost two years now and while it’s a good thing – it belittles the entirety of the tag team division. From hottest team in the scene, Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson were turned into jokes. Enzo and Cass were buried in the rubble as well. Since they are faces, it’s hard for them to feud with the tag champs. The same goes for the makeshift squad of Sheamus and Cesaro... and to a lesser extent, The Golden Truth. Now I know Goldust and R-Truth are nothing compared to the other squads mentioned but remember the terrible skits leading to the formation of their tag team? People actually thought they are something... and it’s kind of like when Heath Slater and Rhyno formed their tag team.

It’s hard for a pay per view to happen without the big belt in contention and this is why I am okay with having two champions as well as two secondary champions. I also think the secondary titles will be wasted if they are going to be used as number one contender identifiers. But perhaps they can borrow something from TNA and at one point use it as if it’s the X-Division Title leading to the Destination X pay per view. If they refuse to do anything devised by TNA, then maybe they can use the belt like the Money in the Bank briefcase. From the first Raw after Wrestlemania up until the pay per view before Summer Slam, the secondary title can grant its holder the chance to main event a pay per view against the champion of his choosing.

Obviously WWE is having a hard time convincing their selves that the brand split is working. The feuds have gone stale and the opportunities to create new superstars are still hard to come by. The NXT stars are still afraid to take their talents to the next level for they fear for their careers if they are given the same cards that were dealt to Tyler Breeze, Neville, Baron Corbin, Ascension, and now Sami Zayn. When WWE said they will have two pay per views in a month, I thought this will be similar to what the UFC is doing with their pay per views. They have Fight Night for their secondary stars and as well for their up and comers and the main pay per view for their biggest draws.

But first they need to sort the mess behind the women’s title.

I wonder what match they’ll do for Sasha’s next feud with Charlotte?

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