Whatever happened to Almond Vosotros' sophomore season?

By sydrified
Nov. 14, 2016


The 42nd season of the PBA is well underway. The twelve teams are polishing their rosters and they’re probably checking out every magazine, travelogue, online search, and possibly employees, kids, and kids of employees to serve as team muse.

I don’t know how many women are left in TV5’s talent pool but I’d rather see them use their up and comers than parade a bunch of employees and kids again. FHM Philippines just had Rizza Diaz and Mara Aquino as cover girls. I think it's okay for these ladies to have banners in one hand and cordless microphones on the other? 

They are after all... Sports5 talents. 

But perhaps I'm drifting off from the topic at hand. 

Here lies my question...

Where in the blue hell is Almond Vosotros?

The 26-year-old former DLSU gunner is the thirteenth pick overall of the 2015 PBA Draft. Selected by the Blackwater Elite, Vosotros played in 13 games with averages of 1.38 points, 0.46 rebounds, and 0.62 assists in 7.85 minutes. Now is these numbers worthy of a Gilas Pilipinas notice? I am going to say no. It’s easy to justify his no-shows if Almond is playing for a title hunter. Blackwater is not top title material last season (ever). However because Ray Parks and Kiefer Ravena aren’t interested in joining this new and “improved” Gilas selection, Vosotros is not a bad pick if you think about it.

Vosotros is the twelfth person to be voted in on the Gilas Pilipinas pool but because he was already drafted by Blackwater, he is ineligible to join the 2016 PBA Special Draft. But now with teams aching to show their new bling, Almond Vosotros is nowhere to be found.

I know he’s been rocking the Gilas colors as early as May of this year when he helped the cadets win the SEABA Cup. The lack of club action will mess up with his development though. If he got a national team mention, why can’t he clinch a reserve spot in the PBA? 

Manny Pacquiao uses the league to cross train for crying out loud! 

I guess booking a Vosotros PBA stint is easy. Let the guard play for either one of the three MVP teams, let him develop under the tutelage of Jimmy Alapag, and let the fireworks unravel.

But if they want Vosotros to excel in international tilts, then nothing beats the ABL. One neat thing about the regional league is that it favors Pinoy guards. Jerick Canada earned a PBA stint by playing well in this league and guys like Froilan Baguion, Marvin Cruz, and Jai Reyes are highly regarded. I am aware Alab Pilipinas already has Jeric Fortuna on their side but perhaps MVP can put together a core that is meant to serve his other talents. 

Perhaps the PBA teams are right to ditch Vosotros’ talents. Right now Gary David, Macmac Cardona, Eric Menk, Josh Urbiztondo, and a host of others are hunting for spots.

But I guess what I’m trying to say here is if Vosotros is one of the guys tasked to represent the country in international competitions, the least we could do is to give him the growth to fuel his promise. He had a storied career in La Salle. He can shoot the lights out and in unafraid to execute game defining moments. 

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