Why Roman Reigns as United States Champion is Best for Business

By sydrified
Sep. 26, 2016


I cringed at the sight of Roman Reigns hoisting the United States Championship at Clash of Champions. Why is he always in the title picture? Moreover, why is he carrying a title? Obviously Rusev needs the title more than Reigns. I few months ago, Reigns eliminated Rusev clean at the Royal Rumble. Rusev also served as the second boss when Sheamus feuded with Reigns as part of The League of Nations.

But then again, maybe Reigns needs this more. What better way to create a feud than a man challenging for a belt and a champion defending it. It’s a simple way to start a feud sans the cheesy or crappy storytelling. Look how hard the WWE pushed this Reigns versus Rusev feud. The fight isn’t organic, it felt as if this is shoved down to our throats, and it failed to stop the clamor of turning Reigns heel to instil normality. How on earth is a man heel if he’s just trying to show the world of his love to his bride? Well... Roman is a heel because he called someone else’s wife a whore so that booking makes sense. And while yeah, Reigns fought Rusev numerous times but how opportune was Roman showing up in Rusev’s and Lana’s segment? A title in Roman Reigns’ waist could just give the WWE a reason to let The Guy take part in major events without trying too hard to act.

So Roman Reigns is now a champion... again. Let’s see how this plays out. When John Cena grabbed the United States Championship, he fought up and comers and drew praise for catapulting NXT stars to further popularity. I guess Reigns would have the likes of Rusev, Sheamus, and Braun Strowman to have and to hold until the former Shield member is safe to roam on top of the main title chase again. It will be hard for Reigns to go the Cena route because the NXT serves as developmental for both Raw and Smackdown.

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