Road to the Super Bowl 53(3): New.

2018 is on 4th&Goal at the 1-yard line, no matter you want to rush to the end zone or drop back looking for a TD throw, it’s a good time reviewing the 2018 season.

Following the end of regular season, the quest of Lombardi Trophy was just started. If you look backward on the season, you might see tons of bad decisions, unexpected results, and the rise of young stars.

New Era

History repeats itself.

This year’s NFL Draft had 5 QBs were selected on the 1st round, which is the most in the 21st century. The previous one belongs to the 1999 Draft, and Tim Couch was the no.1 overall pick. No idea who the guy with a cozy last name is? Doesn’t matter. All you have to know is the Cleveland Browns picked him. The next time when the Browns had a 1st overall and picked a QB would be 19 years later, the pick was Baker Mayfield.

Seems the Browns doesn’t have good luck on scouting QB, but this time might be different. Despite the untold curse of Heisman Trophy winner, Baker has baked some good stuff for the city of the Chosen 1 already. Although the Browns are still seeking for their first winning season since 2007, at least, they apparently found their franchise QB for the next generation.

Baker has had a fantastic season, but the following QB picks were having the same potential as well.

Sam Darnold has led the Jets to see their bright future after the Brady tenure, Josh Allen told the doubters why he was worth the higher pick than another Josh by showing his big arm and mobility.

C’mon, you know who another Josh is.

The Cardinals are in their rebuilding process, it’s too early to say whether Rosen has been rushed too much to handle the pressure or not, you can still see his talent by his throwing technique and footwork.

“Lamar Jackson will not succeed in NFL.”-Many football experts.

I literally can’t prove the experts wrong, and it’s also unreal to say he can do the Foles magic this year, however, he’s in the Russell Wilson process (even it all just began). An underrated QB with extraordinary rushing ability, drafted by a bird team, led the team back to the Playoffs in his rookie year. I didn’t even expect that Lamar can start as QB this season, and I still doubt on his ability to stay long in the league. Yet he’s in the Playoffs, and I’m excited to see him play against the Chargers on Sunday.

New Rivalry

Five QBs was selected on the 1st Round, 4 of them are in the same conference, furthermore, either AFC North or AFC East has two of them each.

The Jets and the Bills will face each other twice a year, the argument of who is the best between Sam Darnold and Josh Allen is visible (after someone’s retirement).

The Ravens just made themselves the most notorious team in Cleveland yesterday, by destroying their winning season hope, and let me remind you, they will also face each other twice a year.

I would like to pick a rivalry on the NFC, the Bears/Packers should be a good one, but the question is, can AR12 come back next year with 2 legs? In addition, the Seahawks almost beat the hot Super Bowl pick the Rams (twice), but it’s still hard to say that the Seahawks are already on the same level with the Rams.

New Hope

I remember when I went to a book store in YVR Airport on 2015, I picked my first ever football magazine. Andrew Luck was the first name slide into my eyes on the TOP 15 QBs in the 2015 season section. We all know the following story-the Colts have never back to the Playoffs in the past three years, and the Manning replacement seems already reached his limit.

Hope will only abandon you when you give it up.

The Colts didn’t give up Andrew Luck, then they welcomed their best luck. He finished up the season with one of his best performance in his career, showed up his leadership when the game on the edge last night against the Titans.

When the Colts picked up guard Quenton Nelson on the 6th overall, Josh Allen and Josh Rosen were still on the board. If the Colts are still not be able to make the Playoffs, the decision of not taking a QB might be a debate.

The most intriguing part of being a sports fan is that you would never know what the future will bring on/off the field. Some star would fall on the very next second, some would raise again after. People cheer together when we win, people keep faith together when we lose.

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