By Arnav Puri
Aug. 11, 2019

97 points would have been enough to make you the english champions in the history of the top flight but Liverpool had to clear it hard way. The title race going down the line last season can it go the distance this season ?

Manchester City

If it goes the distance then they only have two experienced senior players left KUN Aguero and leaving at the end of the season David Silva. If a moment comes for them like the Leicester game then who could take charge ? David Silva might pile more appearances then Aguero this season as the talisman is likely to face some stiff competition from Brazilian Gabriel Zesus who had a fantastic international break and looks like to man took charge after their all time departs when the time arises and it could begin from this year. So if this happens then its on David on deliver on moments when others fail , when the hope is dim and light is out .


Having a silent transfer window showed Klopp backed his side and showed his confidence in his players but this might turn into a sneaky one as Allison is having a cup of coffee with the medic who will guard the post , a position which haunts some keepers. Claudio Bravo might see as an opportunity to prove his mettle but what if he does what Vorm did for the Spurs ? Its advantage City .

Even the top four in a way went to the distance at least till matchday 37 or 38 some would say . Spurs and Chelsea ahead and Arsenal separated by a single point.


They lost their best player of the decade in Eden Hazard and European glory winning manager Sarri. With Frank Lampard at th helm with transfer window bans he had to back the young ones which Chelsea hadnt done in a long time. With Pulisic arriving the hopes are their but I think they might have goal scoring problems this year and a central leadership figure.


They would like to break in the two way title race and become serious contenders unlike last year being on and off. New signing give them the boost and their stadium but the question is if they want to chase the title are they better than the rest of the big six who are chasing UCL spots ?


Their transfer window would have been bust if they hadn't signed Tierney and Luiz to bring in some respite. Their defense looks better , midfield stabilized and attack so lethal with induction of Pepe and Gabriel. Their worries can their defense be consistent ? If so then 4th is surely theirs but if Spurs slip 3rd could be it .

Manchester United

A new season and a dying hope . They bought in quality defenders but what they needed was quality true players who wanted to wear that jersey and live up to it's legacy, but are they in the squad? With Lakaku leaving goal scoring might be an issue.

1. Liverpool -96

2.Manchester City -97


4.Arsenal -74

5. Manchester United -70

6. Chelsea -65

7. Wolves -60

8.Everton -57

9.West Ham -53

10. Leicester City-50

11. Watford-50

12.Bournemonth -49

13.Crystal Palace-46


15. Aston Villa -40


17.Norwich City -35

18.Sheff. United -29

19.Newcastle United -27

20.Brighton -24