Potential Play-Offs Situation

By Arnav Puri
Mar. 19, 2020

  • ​Uefa has decided to postpone the Euro 2020 and allowed domestic leagues to finish.Though,the COVID-19 is on the prowl there might be only a couple weeks play and if that happens the possible teams would fight for different things such as-

1. Relegation battle-

Teams such as Norwich City, A.F.C Bournemouth, Aston Villa,Watford,West Ham and Brighton could fight for survival.

Even though the seagulls are two points clear and have the best goal difference as compared to their compatriots it could be the game changer for them.

With his situation Daniel Farke's men would benefit the most as they the team who was likely to go down.

2. European Football

If Liverpool is considered as the champions, then three UCL and two UEL spots are left and one UEL spot to come from the FA Cup

Likes of Spurs,Chelsea,Leicester City,Wolves, Sheff United ,Manchester Utd,Cityand Arsenal would be contenders for europe.  

This would be harsh for Rogers and City as they both had 8 and 12 point cushion from 5th places Manchester United.

Though,North London Rivals Arsenal and Spurs have better chances to now reach Europe.

Though Spurs would have an injury boost as Kane and Son would be expected to return.