How To Create The Best Lineup For Baseball Fantasy Cash Games

Provided you are on the verge of making your very first lineup on MLB DFS or if you have been doing it for a while and you feel you could use more pointers, you've reached the right page. First of all, making a single lineup is the wrong strategy. Cash games can be played using a number of different approaches and you have been, most likely, chosen the least favorable of them. But first, let's find out...

What Is A Cash Game And A Guaranteed Prize Pool?

A cash game is a 50/50 and a head-to-head contest you can find on the great majority of DFS sites. The name originates in poker terminology, as poker is a game that relies on a number of strategies when participating in large tournament pools as opposed to cash games that enable players to buy in more than one time. While it is not possible to buy in to DFS cash games more than one time, it is possible to play a few distinct contests so you can hedge the bets.

The majori.ty of tournaments offer Guaranteed Prize Pools with the top quarter getting paid out in a rewarding manner. For more cash games, you can visit here

Boom Plays In Fantasy Baseball

If you are the kind of player who does not believe in singles and you are all about chasing high sensations using HR and gradually rounding your bases, you could take a look at Carlos Gomez and his ability to strike out often since he is stealing the bases or swinging for them. The player is good for tourneys. Pitchers should be picked following similar principles. For example, Scott Kazmir can gather lots of strikeouts throughout a game or he can get shelled over three innings. For best results, you should consider pairing up a high-upside pitcher with a stud like Arrieta and hope for the best during a tournament.

If you want to play a cash game, the cheap pitcher should be someone who can pitch to contact and grind out a Quality Start often times.

BvP Statistics

  • This is by far one of the most controversial topics up for debate when talking about MLB DFS. Lots of gamblers will prefer to verify the Batter v Pitcher statistics when setting up their lineup. It is imperative to select the right size for your sample prior to making any final calls. 
  • If you are interested in joining a tournament, you may want to play the stubbornness card. Keep in mind baseball is a sport that is difficult to predict and it could be worth waiting for the unexpected if you plan on separating from the field.
  • If you are looking forward to a cash game, you may want to follow the game and let it flow normally and naturally.

Worry About The Weather

MLB DFS cash games and tournaments are influenced by the weather, as opposed to lots of other fantasy sports. Luckily, you can keep a close eye on the weather predictions and know just what to expect by watching the weather patterns most DFS sites offer to users. You can find other online weather news sources that are up-to-grade and usually provided together with pitcher statistics.

If you are about to play during a thunderstorm, you may want to skip SPs during night games. Do the contrary and you may risk having the game be delayed for too long, which will inevitably lead to it getting called. It is also possible for a different pitcher to take over for the starter. This is too high of a risk to be worth it when dealing with head-to-head competitions and 50/50 games.

Final Thoughts

Make sure to always find the best pitchers by looking at their most recent performances and splits and comparing their skills. You will also need to focus on attacking the weak SP by stacking hitters on the opposing team. Choose a strategy with 8 to 10 runs and select those players that hit in the proximity of each other. This way, you should be able to enjoy the results of Run Batted In and Runs at the same time.

Work on building your bankroll if you have just started playing . Form a few lineups in 5-10 different 50/50 games and one tourney so you can get your hands on a sweet payout when entering a Guaranteed Prize Pool with a high reward.