State of The NFL After 7 Sundays

I was personally very entertained with last night's tie game.  I like watching defensive battles. But when two "top teams" with "Good QB's" can't manage more than six points, that's a problem. Last night we watched the Cardinals only allow the Seahawks to cross the 50 twice. They were there a third time, but that was because of a Blocked Field Goal. Russell Wilson played like shit, and anyone who tries to defend him is a fucking moron. He's done with before in games when he's kept to the pocket. He's a good QB, but he's not completely comfortable in the pocket yet, and it's year 5 for him. Neither of these teams have looked that good this year, yet they're supposed to be "Good teams" that's a joke. The Cardinals should have just ran the ball the entire second half, that Seahawks defense was tired but they found a way to coach themselves out of a game. Coaching football isn't rocket science. Give the ball to your best players a lot, and you will look better. 

Here's your list of actually good teams in the NFL; Patriots, Healthy Steelers, Broncos, Cowboys and the Chiefs. That's sad. I'm going to to take a break from watching football next week because it's that bad. There's some bright spot players on some teams, David Johnson for the Cardinals is really good. Brandon Marshall continues to be greatly under appreciated, the Vikings defense is really good. But the NFL has a huge talent issue, as in there's very little so they're selling average ass players as good players. I'm not sold, fuck you NFL. 

Mike Lombardi predicted the Eagles beating the Vikings on Bill Simmons podcast this past week because the Vikings were missing two starting tackles. This game more showed the greatness of Jim Schwartz as a defensive coordinator than it did the weakness of the Vikings or that the Eagles are a good team. But that won't be the narrative because ESPN, and NFL Network dominate the talk an their programming is for simple minded football fans.

The NFL just put a woman beater on the exempt list rather than suspend him or cut him so he doesn't get paid. But remember Tom Brady had to be suspended 4 games for a fucking made up story. So glad Tom Brady is hated more by the masses than women beaters. Again, fuck you NFL. 

The Colts team tried to give the game away multiple times yesterday and Andrew Luck still found a way to win. Here's a reminder that his owner was busted for drug possession and fined less than a player would be. Here's a reminder that his GM traded a first round pick for Trent Richardson that the Browns turned into Johnny Manziel. Again, the NFL's product is trash. I want Andrew Luck to sue his team for poor working conditions. 

Tom Cable is a shitty Oline coach. I'm tired of him being praised. I'm also tired Bobby Wagner getting more praise than K.J. Wright when he missed 4-5 tackles a game because he drops his head. But back to Cable, he has a 1st, 2nd, and 4th round draft picks on the line. If they are still bad it's coach or lack of quality decisions by the front office. Both Schneider and Cable can't bot be good here. One has to be bad. Maybe both? Schneider is still getting the rewards of the 10-12 drafts. He's drafting only Tyler Lockette and Frank Clark who can maybe be looked at as good players since then. Also, K.J. Wright is a fucking stud. 

The Chargers might be a good football team. They are 3-4 but have a +21 point differential and have been in every single game. If not for a missed FG in Oakland, they would be 4-3. If Phillip Rivers can take this team to 7 wins, he should be the MVP. I'm not sure it's close if you actually look at it. 

The Raiders are 5-2 with a +6 point differential. They got lucky against the Chargers, and their only other "quality win" is against a Baltimore team that lost to the Jets. But hey, the Raiders will be high on those Power Rankings!

Big Ben can take 4 weeks off and probably still win his division. It's that bad. The Steelers are the only team with a + point differential. 

The Cowboys are 5-1 but should be 6-0. They have a +51 point differential and are the best team in the NFC. Their Oline and Run game make them tough for anyone to beat. They'll be better with Romo and Dez too. 

Matt Stafford has been the NFC's best QB this year. Seriously, if you haven't taken notice, you should. He's playing really well. But because the NFL needs more marketable starts than a chubby frat boy from Houston you won't see it. 

Houston will get destroyed tonight because they over paid an average NFL QB. Like most teams do because it's the NFL and that's how it works. 

Thanks for reading.