Teej's Power Rankings

By TeejTaylor
Sep. 27, 2016

 I think Power Ranking are stupid. I'm doing this based upon request. I'm going to do it a little different as well. I will rank the teams, as well as put them into tiers. Power rankings are done weekly to generate hits. I haven't looked at ESPN's or NFL's power rankings in about 3 years. I do however hear fans complain and brag about them. This isn't the BCS, it doesn't matter. But here, we go...

Tier 1: The Teams who Actually Have  Legitimate Chance at Winning The Super Bowl

1. Patriots. They're 3-0 and haven't gotten any production from their two best players, Brady and Gronk. They've essentially clinched the division already too. All that's left now is home-field in the Playoffs. 

2. Denver Broncos. The NFL's best defense. If Von Miller can keep playing the best defensive football anyone has seen since Lawrence Taylor, who's to think they can't hold anyone to under 13 points in a playoff game? 

3. Green Bay Packers. Their defense is playing a lot better this year. They are holding teams to 1.8 yards per run, and to a 37% conversion rate on 3rd down. Also, their QB is Aaron Rodgers. I don't care that they've lost, their defense isn't getting any credit for how dominant they've been. Don't bring this fucking game last Sunday against the Lions when Stafford put up garbage time stats either. 

4. Carolina Panthers. How can a 1-2 team have a chance to win the Super Bowl? They've lost to the Broncos, and the Vikings. Two very good teams. They Still have a great defense, and Cam Newton. 

5. Pittsburgh Steelers. They lost to the Eagles, bad games happen. Here comes Le'Veon Bell. Big Ben, Antonio Brown, and Bell, they have a shot to score 40 on anyone. 

Tier 2: The Teams with a shot at the Playoffs not Real Contenders

6. Los Angeles Rams. They might win the division. They own Seattle. Carson Palmer is throwing interceptions again, and Blaine Gabbert? Ha, fucking joke. They went to Tampa and won, that's not easy. Long flight, hot and humid. Also, Aaron Donald. 

7. Baltimore Ravens. No real go to guy on 3rd down. They had one when they won the Super Bowl, Anquan Boldin. Can Steve Smith be that guy at 45? Who knows. Secondary also hasn't been really tested yet. 

8. Seattle Seahawks. Terrible Oline. Take away the 41 yard run on the games opening drive, and they only averaged 2.86 yards per carry in their "Big Win." The scores have been low, but Case Keenum led multiple drives with 6 or more plays. Bad sign for when they play better offenses. Also, how many minor injuries before Wilson is out for the year? 

9. Minnesota Vikings. The defense can take them to the playoffs, but what happens when they come across a team just as good on the defense? Can Bradford carry them? I have my doubts. Big Doubts. 

10. Kansas City. Alex Smith and Andy Reid can get to the playoffs but can't win a Super Bowl. They have no pass-rush. No clear #2 WR. They'll win 10-11 games, lost in the first or second round of the playoffs. Andy Reid Football!

11. Cincinnati Bengals.  Marvin Lewis has never won a playoff game as a Head Coach. Andy Dalton has never won a playoff game as a starting QB. Do they need to hire Jon Gruden? 

12. Arizona Cardinals. No Pass Rush. Corner opposite Patrick Peterson is inconsistent. Carson Palmer throwing picks again. 

13. Dallas Cowboys. Still don't have a pass rush. Secondary is improving but not good. This team's hope at deep playoff Run is a healthy Tony Romo. Zeke Elliot playing out of his mind, and Dez being Dez. Those 3 can happen, but it's easier said then done. 

14. New York Giants. They can't run the ball. They were real close to losing in Dallas and being 1-2. They're looking like a 7-9 win team, but can that win the East?

Tier 3. The Won't be easy to beat, but have no shot at the Playoffs

15. DC Football Team. So much talent on offense. Not as much on defense. It was nice to finally see Su'ua Cravens get meaningful snaps though. The issue here is Kirk Cousins sucks. All the fantasy numbers, none of the real quarterback play it takes to be good. 

16. Las Vegas Raiders. I know they haven't moved, but I'm just preparing myself. Can't defend fast WR's because they signed slow ass Sean Smith during the off-season. Team can focus on Khalil Mack because Bruce Irvin and the other guys have been a disappointment. They're just an over rated football team. 

17. Atlanta Falcons. Cool they out scored the Raiders and beat the Saints. They're not a good defensive football team, and won't be as good outside of domes. Matt Ryan is still over rated too. 

18. New York Jets. Fitzpatrick sucks. Accept it world. Their Dline is full of monsters though so be prepared for them to win some games this year. 

19. Philadelphia Eagles. Chip built a decent team, and they didn't let him see it through. They'll win games because Carson Wentz is pretty good, but 3 weeks in and they've already won half of what they will win. 

20. Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Are they going to get swept by the NFC West? Two of their losses have come at the ends of that division. Jamies is really good, and they're missing Doug Martin right now but they're still a year away from winning 8-10 games. 

21. Houston Texans. This is a team that will go to the playoffs by virtue of a shitty division. If they played in any other division they wouldn't. Defense is good, offense is average at best. 

22. Indianapolis Colts. Andrew Luck gives them a chance in any game. I just wish he had a better supporting cast. 

23. Miami Dolphins. Tannehill is better than he gets credit for, and the Dline will cause people issues. 

Tier 4. The teams who's fan bases better familiarize themselves with the Drafts top prospects

24. Jacksonville Jaguars. Blake Bortles is going backwards. The coach got hired for being Pete Caroll's puppet. Oh yeah, they won't let Myles Jack see the fucking field. 

25. San Francisco 49ers. Fuck Blaine Gabbert and everyone who thinks he's better than Kap based off of last year's completion percentage. Seriously stop watching the NFL you're giving me an ulcer. Also, they need to fire the GM and spend some money on Free Agents. 

26. Tennessee Titans. If they ruin Mariota I'll be fucking pissed. They're probably going to  ruin him too, and that's the worse part. Why are NFL owners allowed to hire coaches like Mike Mularkey? 

27. San Diego Chargers. Keenan Allen? Hurt first game. Danny Woodhead? Hurt second game. Manti Teo? Hurt third game. Phillip Rivers will keep playing well, but the Chargers owners should be forced out of the NFL for failing to provide him with talent. 

28. New Orleans Saints. I can't believe they got Sean Payton and Drew Brees to agree to extensions there. This team is in rebuild mode and needs a lot of help on defense. 

29. Buffalo Bills. The over rated club. Tyrod? Over rated. Rex? Over rated. They're probably firing Rex. Cutting Tyrod, and drafting DeShaun Watson. 

30. Detroit Lions. They'll put up points, and that's about it. They should win this week. They're stuck in 6-8 win purgatory. They need to trade Stafford, Jones, and Tate. Get what they can in return and rebuild a running team and a good defense with a new coach. 

31. Chicago Bears. Where does Jay Cutler play next year? You're right, probably San Francisco. Sigh. Bears are rebuilding. I wonder if they let John Fox ride it out. 

32. Cleveland Browns. Some things never change. 

Thanks for reading.