Just What are the five sense that is common of health care?

By teeth cry
Oct. 24, 2019

To be able to keep your teeth healthier, in addition to deciding on the best way to brush your teeth, it's also advisable to understand the appropriate health care that is dental.

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This way, it is possible to strengthen your teeth and avoid diseases that are oral. You may also know more about dental health care. Do you know the sense that is common of care?

1. Try to brush your teeth with tepid to warm water:

Whenever cleaning your teeth in winter, you need to pay attention to the temperature. In case it is excessive or too low, your teeth is stimulated.

Therefore, it may cause gingival spasm and bleeding, also influence normal metabolism, shorten the life of teeth, and control the water temperature of brushing at 30 ℃.

2. Don't brush your teeth immediately after eating: brushing your teeth immediately after eating will cause hypersensitivity.

Because there are a layer of enamel regarding the surface of our teeth, which has the end result of protecting teeth. After eating some acid food, the enamel can be soft.

Brushing your teeth immediately will result in the enamel to become slimmer and thinner. Over time, it will cause inflammation and sore teeth.

3. Floss picking: some people are accustomed to making use of toothpicks to pick their teeth. If they use toothpicks in the incorrect way, they will cause gingival atrophy and gingivitis, increase the tooth area, and eventually lead to periodontal condition.

Specialists recommend floss, that may effortlessly eliminate the food residue left in the teeth, so as to reduce the risk of tooth decay, but also can't be used usually, three times a week can be utilized.

4. utilize the mouthwash correctly: the mouthwash can cleanse the breath and clean the bacteria in the mouth, and it could also remove the soft dust and food residue in the teeth.

Proper use of mouthwash will help treat periodontitis, gingivitis, oral ulcer and other dental diseases.

5. Wash your teeth frequently: even you will inevitably leave food residues in the gaps between your teeth, which will lead to tooth stones over time if you develop a good habit of brushing your teeth every day.

Washing teeth can efficiently remove calculus and pigment left on teeth, therefore it is extremely crucial to wash teeth in hospital regularly.

Generally half of a or once a year, patients with periodontal disease should go to the hospital regularly for treatment year.

Warm tip: brush your tongue every right time you brush your smile, which can not only reduce the germs in your mouth, but also keep your breath fresh, so as to enhance your halitosis.

Usually, the thumb and index little finger can be employed to massage the gums. Each massage for ten minutes can promote blood that is local and avoid premature atrophy associated with gums.

Usually, you can eat more carrots or apples, because when chewing, you can rub the surface of your teeth, which has the effect of cleansing your teeth. Drink more vitamin D and minerals found in milk products, which has the consequence of antibacterial and firming your teeth.