Dallas Mavericks Acquire Nerlens Noel From the Philadelphia 76ers: Who Won the Trade?

By texashomeboy1
Feb. 24, 2017

With just hours looming until the trade deadline passes, Adrian Wojnarowski blessed Twitter with yet another trade. These updates have been coined as “Woj bombs” and this trade did not fail to live up to the phrase. 

Now this trade isn’t on the level of DeMarcus Cousins getting sent to the New Orleans Pelicans, but it is a big trade for both parties involved. So, who won this trade? Let’s find out.

Philadelphia 76ers acquire: Justin Anderson, Andrew Bogut, 2017 Dallas Mavericks first round pick (1-18 protected)

The 76ers seemed destined to make a move at the trade deadline with the current logjam in the frontcourt. Jahlil Okafor and Nerlens Noel took turns headlining trade rumors, and the 76ers finally pulled the trigger on a deal. The 76ers acquire a decent haul in return for the 22 year old big man. Andrew Bogut is going to be on a new team before the day is over via a buyout. The first round pick that Philly acquired is protected pick, and will go back to Dallas if the Mavericks finish top 18 in the draft order. If the Dallas Mavericks keep the pick, the Sixers will acquire the Mavericks 2017 and 2018 second round picks. With the Mavericks currently owning the 7th pick, it’s likely they will keep the pick. 

So the 76ers essentially acquired two 2nd round picks and Justin Anderson. Justin Anderson has seen his minutes take a big hit this season, and lost his role to undrafted rookie Dorian Finney-Smith. He should receive a bigger role in Philly and could develop into a good bench player. Still that isn’t enough value for a player that is only 22 years and was taken top in the draft. Especially with players like Louis Williams and Bojan Bogdanovic being traded for unprotected first round picks.

Dallas Mavericks acquire: Nerlens Noel

The Mavericks continue their youth movement trend with the acquisition of 22 year old center Nerlens Noel. As a Mavericks fan, I love this trade for multiple reasons. First, the Mavericks add some talent and rim protection that Dallas fans haven't seen since the days of Tyson Chandler. Next, the Mavs add another young piece to build around Harrison Barnes. Nerlens Noel was averaging a career low 19 minutes per game this season in Philly, but should see a lot more playing time in Dallas with no other true center on the roster. 

The last great thing about this move is the contract. Nerlens is on an expiring rookie deal, and is set to hit the free agent market this offseason and the Mavericks were set to make a heavy push for his services However, by trading for Noel who is going to be a restricted free agent, Dallas can match any offer that comes his way. So, the Dallas Mavericks received a potential cornerstone center, and only had to give up Justin Anderson and two 2nd round picks. Not to bad Donnie Nelson.

Let me know your thoughts. Who won this trade? How did your team in the trade deadline? Let me know by leaving a comment and tweeting me @Texashomeboy1.