Pre-Combine QB Preview

By Casey Fitzgerald
Feb. 28, 2018

Pre combine draft preview QB edition

Arguably the biggest target for teams this year is the QB. Last year the best QB was taken 12th overall, Watson. Will this happen again this year? Probably but there isn't a definitive answer to who is the best QB. Some say it Sam Darnold, Josh Allen, Josh Rosen, but actually it's going to be baker mayfield or Lamar Jackson.

Sam darnold: seems green with not much experience. But could be the top option depending on pro day and combine. Many teams have reported interest in him but I don't believe the hype. The team he goes to could make him a star or a backup. He's a mid first to early second round pick.

Josh Allen: seems to be the most NFL ready but that doesn't mean the best to start the season for a team. Could do with a year observing and then have him start when he's ready. The biggest question mark is the caliber of talent that he played against in college. Late first to mid second round

Josh Rosen: also looks pro ready but doesn't look ready to start opening day. Needs developmental time to hone in his skills. Would do good learning behind a high caliber QB and the right coaches. 1-2 round

Lamar Jackson: Is a duel threat in a pass heavy league. His skill set may be only good for another few years but he is still a tremendously consistent talent. All his years at Louisville he put up amazing numbers so why not take consistency rather than risk it for an unproven project

Baker mayfield: In my mind is the best QB in the draft. He's experienced winning and losing against elite competition. He does have some potential flawswith his character and attitude as many people may now but he's a gamer. The transition to the pros should fix all the flaws and depending on the combine and how he throws, will determine where he goes. Unless there's a blockbuster trade I predict he will go to the Jets if the Browns once again pass on the top quarterback in the draft.

My pre-combine rankings

Baker Mayfield

Lamar Jackson

Josh Rosen Sam Darnold

Josh Allen

Mason Rudolph

Luke Falk