The Number One Name in 2018 NFL Free Agency: Kirk Cousins

Kirk cousins is the top free agent domino to fall now that alex smith has been traded and jimmy garoppolo signed. We saw how nessacary it is to have a passing game and a quarterback to lead the attack in this last super bowl where foles out dueled Brady. There are many possibilities for where cousins might go this off season. The obvious choices are NYJ, Cards, and Denver but there also a less obvious choice in the Cleveland Browns.

NYJ: needs a QB no question about it but they showed how well they can play with a fill in like mccown. So a rookie might be a better bet for them seeing that they don't have solid weapons and an aging o line.

Denver: needs to solve the QB 1 spot quick and for the long haul. They are wasting away the prime of sanders and DT. And especially before they have to solve their back field situation too. Not to mention to sign cousins to what he deserves they need to make a lot of cap space so it's unlikely since they have a high pick rookie option again.

Cards: just lost Palmer, new coaching staff, fresh start for everyone. But like Denver they have limited cap space

A little less than obvious choice is Cleveland. They have one of the top offensive lines in the league, two top wide receivers, and a young developable tight end. Along with a young promising defense and a new offense coordinator. They have a bunch of cap space and two top 5 picks to add weapons. They have to be the top pick for cousins.