Watson and Renfrow Combine for Best Play of the Century

By TylerDavis
Jan. 11, 2017

Clemson made history in multiple ways on Monday night as they broke every heart in the state of Alabama. This play will forever be remembered by both Clemson and Alabama fans as the biggest play possibly in history. With one second left the Tigers ripped the rug from under the cocky Crimson Tide defense and defeated Alabama for the first time since 1905. 

It all started as the Tigers took over with 2:07 left following an Alabama touchdown to take the lead back. They walked out to their own 32 and began a drive that will go down in history as they dink and dunked their way down the field against what many considered the best defense in college football history. Deshaun Watson looked like a seasoned NFL vet as he calmly guided the offense downfield. 

Fans began to feel the tide turning (no pun intended), when Watson hit Mike Williams for a 24 yard gain to get on the Alabama side of the field. Then the air began to leave the Alabama sideline as Watson hit John Leggett for 17 yards to get inside the Alabama 10. They could easily tie the game and try to win in overtime; but, Dabo Swinney and Watson had a different plan as they lined up to go for it all with one second left after a penalty on the Alabama Defense.

Everyone knew that the one person that should have the ball in his hands in this moment was Deshaun Watson. The only real question was whether or not he would be running or passing. They lined up in a spread set with Watson by himself in the backfield. He sent Gallman in motion and sprinted out to the right side. Artavis Scott ran a pick route and jammed up his man causing the man covering Hunter Renfrow to have to bubble around his own teammate and Scott. This left Renfrow wide open as Watson sprinted toward him and the sideline. This was exactly how they had drawn it up and all he had to do was make a good pass. He hit Renfrow who fell into the endzone and became the most famous player in Clemson history outside of Watson.

Clemson deserved this championship after having to build a solid team through recruiting and waiting for those players to rise up. Now they won in the best way possible: By making the most memorable play in history and making the best ending in college football history against the best college defense in history. Hollywood could not have written it better.

Congratulations Clemson and welcome to the big leagues.