Just Trying to get Buckets

It's kind of nostalgic creating stories and putting it all together via a blog. I missed giving an opinion and an analysis on topics I really cared about, specifically in the basketball world. No matter what level of basketball is being played whether it be from the NBA or a junior basketball league, there will always be a story to tell. What I hope to accomplish with this blog is simply to create a way where my audience can enjoy basketball to a more personal level. Basketball incorporates a lot of different elements such as teamwork, competitiveness, commitment, and other daily traits society displays. if you are not a fan of basketball, I hope I can change your opinion about it or even bolster your interest in it even more. I want to push out content daily, but obviously things may come up and may postpone some published articles. However, if you give me the patience for newly written works, then I will do the best I can to give out well-thought and creative content that can be enjoyed by all. Here is to a new and another blog chapter in my life and lets get some buckets. Cheers

A. Ubaldo


Miss my basketball squad...till next time fellas.