Caylin Moore: America's Next Black President? Don't Be Surprised

By Bighamp76
Nov. 22, 2016

Caylin Moore.

There are a lot of people that would look at 22-year-old Caylin Moore’s braids, his tats, and his brown skin and get the wrong impression.  He is probably just another young thug, gang member or rapper, these kind of folk would think, as they clutched their purses tighter, or locked their car doors.

Of course, those stereotypical thoughts would be all wrong.

Moore, a senior cornerback for the Texas Christian University (TCU) football team, is actually gentleman and a scholar….. make that a Rhodes Scholar.

Moore, who hopes to enter the world of politics one day, was recently named a 2017 Rhodes Scholar. He will be studying at Oxford University in England.

It is an extraordinary accomplishment for any student, especially a student-athlete who carries the responsibilities of studying and practicing.

Moore carries a 3.9 GPA in economics, in addition to pursuing a minor in sociology and math.

Moore, Los Angeles native, grew up in difficult circumstances. His father is in prison for murder, leaving his mother (Calynn) to raise the family in the South Central area, notorious for drugs and gang activity.

However, Caylnn taught Caylin and his brother, Chase, that those negative things were around them, not in them.

“It is not abnormal to walk outside the house and see drug syringes on the ground, to see crack pipes,” explained Moore, in an interview with CBSWDF.COM. “We [Chase, plays football at Holy Cross] would look to the ground and see all of these horrible things, but we would look to the sky and see our dreams.”

Although the circumstances were difficult, Moore’s perseverance, and the unconditional love and support of Calynn, kept him focused.   Moore’s academic and athletic excellence helped him earn a scholarship to Marist University, before transferring to TCU in 2015. While at TCU Moore earned a Fulbright scholarship and studied abroad at Bristol University in the UK. He also studied public affairs at Princeton’s Woodrow Wilson School of Public Policy.

Moore sees himself in politics one day. And who knows, maybe we will see him in the Oval office.

He certainly has my vote.

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