Flint Youth Football Team Needs Your Help

By Bighamp76
Nov. 27, 2016

The Flint (MI) PAL 9-year-old football team needs your help to participate in a national tournament in Orlando.

Surely, you have probably heard about the Flint Water Crisis. It’s been more than two-years since the poisoning of the water supply has gone public, and it is still not safe to drink.  The people of Flint, MI., have been failed by government at every turn, and at every level. The lives of the people of Flint, mostly poor, and mostly brown, simply don’t mean as much as other people’s lives.

Yet, somehow, the people of Flint, ravaged for years by the downsizing of General Motors, and now the water crisis, continue to persevere.  Flint citizens, like Officer Brian Willingham of the Flint Police Department, are working to make a difference.

A 20-year veteran of the FPD, Brian heads the city’s Police Activities League (PAL).  A pastor, Brian is selfless in sharing his gift, talents, and the word of God, with the community.  Brian helps to run programs like the Flint PAL Spartans,  9-year-old football team that consist of 24 kids..

Recently, the Flint PAL Spartans football team qualified for a national tournament in Orlando. The tournament takes place on Dec 24-27.

This is where you can be of help. Some of the kids don't have the financial resources to make the trip. While the team currently has fund raising activities going on to make the trip, you can make a difference with your donation. If it is in your heart, please help give these kids have a joyful experience they can remember the rest of their lives.

Please send your donations to the Flint Police Activities League  2201 Forest Hill Ave., Flint, Mi. 48504 c/o Officer Brian Willingham. (810-513-1407). All donations are tax deductible.

  Click here to see and learn more about the Flint PAL football team.