When Blacks Seek Justice We Often Find 'Just-Us'

By Bighamp76
Dec. 10, 2016

Lady Justice is supposed to be blind. However, for blacks in the justice system she seems to be peaking out from under her blindfold.

The findings of a recent investigation by the Sarasota Herald-Tribune newspaper located in Sarasoata, Fla.,  may be surprising to some people, but it's something many black people understand as a simple of fact of life. Two people _  one black and one white _ commit the same exact crime.

However, the punishment for the two men, whose only real difference is the color of their skin, is vastly different. Throughout the state of Florida courts punish black felons with stiffer sentences 60 percent of the time over white felons facing the very same charges. For blacks with serious first time crimes they are punished 68 percent longer jail time than whites, again for the exact crime.

Blacks face 45 percent more time for burglary, and 30 percent more time for battery. Again, the only real differences in the crimes is the fact one person is black, and the other person is white. This is just a small sample of the brilliant work done by the Herald-Tribune.

The great Richard Pryor spoke of he injustice in the justice system more than 40 years ago. "They [Justice System] handing out time to niggas like it's lunch," Pryor said. "You go down there looking for justice and that is what you will find, just us."  

Click here to read the full story of the Herald-Tribune investigation. It is a must read. 

And, of course, the only way to appreciate the genuis of Pryor is to hear the man himself. Linked is video of his 'Just Us' skit.