Should the Broncos Draft Christian McCaffrey?

By Evan Hayes
Dec. 09, 2016

Just in the past few days some interesting college players have decided to declare for the NFL draft and one of the most appealing and versatile players being Christian McCaffrey. The Stanford product has established himself as one of the greatest all purpose backs in the history of College Football, but should the Broncos take a chance on his NFL success?

It is apparent up to this point in the season that the quarterback and running back spots for the Broncos are a little unclear going forward. While De'Vonte Booker playing well he has been very spotty in all assets of his game and his patience and vision seems to go in and out through the duration of the game. Another problem that may or may not have a clear fix is the issue of fumbles with Booker, and everyone knows anyone with fumbling problems has spells where they fumble a lot or none at all.

Now, Christian McCaffrey while not having any time in the NFL his father Ed McCaffrey has and he spent 9 years with the Broncos while winning two Super Bowls with the team. Both of those being with the Broncos great and now General Manager John Elway. It is unknown what the ties Elway and Ed McCaffrey have, but given the time they spent together with the Broncos and all three being Stanford products it is safe to say Elway has had a close eye on Christian over the years. 

Christian McCaffrey ran for 2,000 yards last season and 1,600 this season while improving his touchdown total from 8 to 13 which could prove to go a long way. At this point it is fair to say that McCaffrey is not going to be a heavy hitter type of back pounding the ball up the middle for the short yardage gains in the NFL, but he has shown a craftiness that a Jamal Charles or Lesean McCoy has. It is a trend in the league right now to have a dangerous receiving and explosive back on the team that can make explosive run plays and turn check downs into touchdowns. 

With the quarterback situation being concerning, the best thing for an unstable quarterback situation is a strong running and check down game to provide some consistency. In the future it could be overwhelming to have the power of CJ Anderson and the speed and receiving capabilities of McCaffrey. So long as the price and pick is right for the future of the team, if McCaffrey can last until the second round it would be smart for the Broncos to even trade up a bit to get him.